A Collection of Short Poems That Are Nonsense.
A Poem a Day Keeps that Frown Away
Poem Entry No. 1
You look at that girl,
with those big pink braces
and ugly neon glasses
that sits at the back.
You think that she’s
so, so weird
and nerdy.
Why should she even be here?
That tall boy who
never talks and who
never smiles
that steals glaces at that girl.
You think that he’s
so, so pessimistic
and unnatural.
Why should he even be here?
In math class you know,
this one girl who
talks to everyone and
has no personal space at all.
You think that she’s
so, so nosy
and too happy.
Why should she even be here?
That girl,
who you think
is ugly, weird, nerdy,
is storing up that beauty
deep inside
so she can wow the world
when she let’s it out.
That boy,
who you think
is shy, pessimistic, unnatural,
is saving that big smile
in that frown
so he can smile to the world
and show that he cares.
That girl,
who you think
is chatty, nosy, too happy,
is keeping the smiles
in her mind,
so she will never be lonely
and never frown.
Don’t judge people on who they are now. Judge them on who they choose to be.
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