A few words every month and a lasting impression.
A Poem A Month
February 2017
She knew her love
He knew his love
The only problem was
Those loves weren’t each other
They would have been perfect
Together they would’ve shone
But yet they somehow
Never realized each other
She had her mind
Set on a boy
The boy’s eyes gleamed
But inside he was dark
He was a little better
Cautious about the girl
But his admiration for her
Drew him away from everything else
She ended up marrying the boy
They lived happily for month
Then their relationship spiraled
And plunged into a black hole
In the end
The only thing that he knew
Was the beauty of the girl
But the girl had fallen for another
Her life was falling apart
The pieces shattering everywhere
His life was nothing but the girl
So when she left he was nothing either
He and she had been meant for each other
But they never knew
They never tried to look farther
Than what their eyes could see
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