A Reaper’s Heart
I looked into her begging bloodshot eyes, her dry, pale lips, trying to speak but it’s too late now. She ran out of chances. What a shame she wasted it all.
Please. I can hear her thoughts but I shook my head no.
“It won’t be painful. It will be quick,” I said as I reach for her heart where her tainted soul stays. “But your sufferings haven’t began, yet.”
Her eyes widened as she tried to shake her head. She figured out what I meant.
I can’t go to hell ! That’s what she screamed in her mind.
Still pushing my hand forward to her chest, I said, “Then you should have changed when you still had the chance.” I felt her soul glow faintly because of its taint. I began to pull the soul out of her and she had no strength left to fight it. And, finally, when the soul unattached herself from its corrupted shell, the shell turned completely white and whatever left of light in her eyes was gone.
Humans are very abusive creatures even to themselves, I thought to myself as I studied the shriveled, dim soul in my hand. Humans are indeed strange. I began to squish the soul between my hands until it disappeared completely to only where the soul deserve to reside.
I looked back to the empty shell sitting, limp, on the couch.
Drug abuse. Heroine, cocaine, LSD... anything she could get her hands on to feel buzzed. The things that humans do just to feel alive.
I was already done for today, or rather for the hour. In the next few hours, I knew I have to reap another soul but this time in the nursing home which is more acceptable than this. I should leave while I still can to rest.
I started to summon myself back to the apartment that I am residing at the moment when I heard a noise.
I don’t know if noise is the right word. A coo, is a more fitting word.
There it was again! It’s coming from the next room. A child?
I look back at the corpse and started to walk to the next room but as I pushed the ajar door, a cry happened.
This is a cry of an infant.
An infant no less than three months old.
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