Can two broken teens be each others reason for flight?
A reason for flight
“Isabelle? We’re here,” my mom called to me from the front seat. I texted Abby a quick goodbye, then hopped out of the car, and into the doctors office. I had no worries, this was just a checkup.
“Good, good, good,” Dr. Faylan Said. I zoned out, until I heard “uh oh.” I immediately panicked. “What? Is there anything wrong?!” She just pursed her lips, and motioned for my mom to come with her outside. My heart raced. Did I have a rare and uncurable disease? I forced myself to think about flowers and rainbows, the happiest things I could think of. My mom and Dr Faylan came back into the room. I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding in. My mom looked as though she had been crying.
“Isabelle,” she began, then burst into tears.
“You have cancer.” Dr Fayland finished for her. I felt as if I were drowning. I could barely hear her saying things like “high chance of being cured,” it was as if the whole world had collapsed. I thought of all the childhood hopes and dreams I’d had, and how now they were in question. Would I ever grow up to become a mother? Suddenly it was all too much. I ran out the door of the doctors office. My mom looked as though she would run after me, but Dr Faylan put a restraining hand on her should whispering “let her go.”
I ran out into the middle of the nearlyp deserted road. A few cars swerved and nearly hit me, but what did it matter, if I was going to die anyway. I was going to die. It was the first time the thought had truly hit me. Suddenly, it all seemed surreal. I collapsed on the ground in hysteric laughter, which turned to sobs within a minute. My mom found me there, and let me cry, until I could cry no more.
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