One Friend, one Enemy, one problem, One relationship
A Relationship
The Beginning
I arrived late to the camp, hurried my way past the boathouse, and gasped. He wasn’t alone.
My heart felt like it had stop, I felt like the world exploded, and I felt like crying a river. How could he do this to me? Hanging out with Abby when I thought we were...well...a couple.
I stood there heartbroken, jealous, sad, frustrated, and angry. I turned around and started running and then something happened. My water broke.
9 Months Earlier
It was Friday now and I still had to tell Erin about me. How could you tell a boy that you were carrying his child though? I have no clue! All I knew is that I was scared and panicking.
I walked down the hall and then I seen him. I seen Erin. His brown-reddish hair in his face, his jeans all ironed, him smiling at me. Now was the big moment. The problem.
He walked closer and closer but I kept walking backwards. Then, he called my name. “ Jane! Wait up!” he yelled. I stopped. I had to tell him. He finally got to me and smiled. “ Hey! Why’d you cancel our plans after school yesterday?” he asked. “ About that...” I stopped talking for this was definitely the hardest thing I ever had to do.
“ Jane?” he said concerned. “ Um...well...” Suddenly the bell rang and I was so happy. “ Got to go but meet me later in the front, okay?” I said. “ Alright?” said Erin. He walked off with a curious look on his face. I sighed then walked to my social studies class. I have to tell him! I said to myself. I have too!
I sat there under a tree in front of the school, waiting for Erin. I felt like he was thinking we weren’t going to be friends anymore and maybe we weren’t but... I had to tell him.
I sat there for probably one—maybe two—minutes and then he finally came. He smiled at me and I gave him back a nervous smile. He sat down and looked at me. His brown eyes sparkled like a shining diamond that had just been cleaned from all the dirt in the mine.
He looked at me worried now since I hadn’t spoke and asked,” What did you need to tell me?” I got out of dreamland and said,” needed to tell you that um... well... let’s start it this way.”
I knew that when I said that I was just trying to make the problem stay in me a little longer. “ You know how we have been friends ever since we were in 6th grade?” I said. “ Yeah,” he answered. “ And you know how we said that no matter what we’ll be there for each other?” I asked. “ Yeah,” he answered again. “ Well, I need you to be here with me for this no matter what,” I said.
He looked at me confused. “ What?” he said. “ Erin, I’m pregnant and I know you’ and I’m young so um... I’ll put it for adoption.” I looked at him and he looked like he was going to explode. “ I’m sorry,” I said. “ No’s fine, it’s just, it’s a lot to take,” he said. “ I know,” I said back.
He sat there taking deep breaths. “ Well, um... I will support you but um... try to not tell anyone at school until um... you know...your big,” he said. “ Okay,” I answered. “ And um... you can tell your parents if you want but um... make sure my parents don’t know yet. I’m not ready,” he said. “ Okay,” I answered again.
He got up and looked at me. I looked back at him. “ Sorry,” he said. “ It’s fine,” I said back. “ Okay, well... I’m going to go home but... I guess see you tomorrow?” he said. “ Yeah.”
He walked off and I sighed. What have I done? I said to myself. I got up and started walking home. As I looked to my right, I imagined a little one, walking with me.
I better have a plan I said to myself again for this was just only, The Beginning.
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