one seed can change a life
A Single Seed
Dancing in the Moonlight
Dahlia’s family had never been that rich. Sure, they had money, but it wasn’t always enough to get by on, and sometimes, she and Beckett went hungry while their parents didn’t.
To some, this may seem like bad parenting. To the kids, it seemed like second nature on their parents’ behalf.
Sometimes when Dahlia and Beckett drifted off to sleep, Dahlia would hear Beckett sniffling and snuffling, and she wondered why. She would creep over to his race-car bed in his race-car stickered room, kneel down next to him, and sing an old song her mother had taught her—Dahlia was fairly certain the title was Pinewood—when they were younger and less poor:
I pine for a girl in the far-away pines,
As she whispers her secrets to somebody else,
Somebody who isn’t so far away.
How I pine for a girl in the far-away pines.
Whenever Dahlia tried to sing the other verses, though, Beckett would stop her, insisting, “I’m hungry.”
“I know, Beckett. There’s nothing I can do for you. Just—just try and wait for school tomorrow, when we can get breakfast, and lunch, and—“ Dahlia would stop there, realizing that she, too, was hungry.
She would start to grin, and say, “No, not exactly hungry...more like ravenous.”
Then, after Beckett, the younger child by six years, had checked in on their parents, they crept outside barefoot and played songs on Dahlia’s cassette tape machine, dancing in the moonlight in their backyard to old music their aunt had given them from long, long, ago for Dahlia’s birthday four years ago, when the pair were just two and eight.
Their parents, unsurprisingly, had told the two that they were too young to be able to take care of the old, fragile equipment carefully and that they should just sell it. Luckily, Aunt Evyn stepped in so that they wouldn’t have to give up the magical present she had given them.
Of course, all the dancing in the moonlight was before Dahlia found the seed.

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