A Square Thing
The Guys and Me
Evan wasn’t the normal type. He was weird. He never socialized much, actually you never saw him hanging out with anyone. At all. His idea of a good time was reading. Usually about alternate dimensions or aliens. He was weird. But in his own way, he was beautiful. You just had to look past the brooding face. Evans hair was midnight black and always spiked with gel. The delicate features of his face could only be seen when it wasn’t being covered by a book. His eyebrows matched the color of his hair equally and looked so perfect. While his eyes were the lightest of browns. When the sunlight hit them they we’re almost gold. But the best thing about Evan and probably the rarest thing to other people, was the way you could clearly see the dimples that you didn’t think exsisted until he smiled. Tall, dark and brooding was his style. He was a mystery even to himself. If you we’re lucky enough to notice and looked at him, you would wonder why he was distant and put off. Nothing ever phased him. It would take an asteroid to pry his eyes away from the story he was reading. The dark clothes he always wore were a reminder that he was an outsider. People always seem to walk past Evan without a glance and he liked it that way.
Then there was Alex. Typical jock, typical jokester, typical guy. Alex was the star basketball player of the high school and on his way to UCLA with a scholarship. Everyone gravitated towards him and they worshiped him. Girls wanted to date him and guys wanted to be him. People found him funny because of the tone and lack of long sentences in his vocabulary. He shaved his head daily so it was hard to tell the shade of black. And Alex hardly ever looked at anyone, you’d just catch him staring off into the distance when he talked to you. Probably thinking of basketball. The eye color was never clear to anyone because of that. But what he couldn’t hide was the way his cheeks burned bright pink always. They made him seem real. Alex got along with everyone but you could tell he didn’t care about anything but his sport. When he played, he felt what people often never made him feel... alive. Nothing could get to him on that court. He felt free. That was the love of his life. And he liked it that way.
And Jake, well you know those bad boys every girl either tries to change or stay away from? Yup that was Jake. Hardly ever in class, hardly ever serious. He had been to jail a few times and his family was known for their absence of sober arguments. You’d know it was Jake when you’d hear the roaring of his Harley and see the black leather of his jacket. But mostly you’d see him walking the halls with some girl who couldn’t even spell past a third grade level. Arm around whoever was his latest victim, trying to impress them with stories of bar fights and knowledge of motorcycle parts. His hair was often gelled to one side, color of mud brown to match his intense eyes. When he looked at you, it almost scared you, thats how deep he looked. But those lips. Picture heaven and those are what you get. Rosie pink and soft looking. But Jake knew that and took advantage. And it worked most of the time. He was a charming bad boy and he liked it that way.
I’m the new girl, and all of this I heard from the girl who knows everything in this school. Mary was annoying but she was my only friend thus far. I listened intensely as she talked about those boys and other people but for some reason something inside me knew I’d remember every detail about those three. At my old school I wasn’t popular but I wasn’t invisible either. I wasn’t a super model that much was clear given my form of chunky parts. My hair was long and wavy, typical dark color. Eyes always changed depending on my color clothes. I was average. People would say, “Terry you’d be pretty if you’d lay off the burgers.” I never listened. I liked the way I looked even if my day consisted of body shaming. Who knew that those three guys would feel the same and more. I fell for all three of them. And the weird part, they all know about each other and they’re okay with it. Only little did I know, that wouldn’t last for long. What’s a girl to do?

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