When a dear frieNd Is kidNaped you have...
A Summer Whodunnit
So many things in one month
“Detective! Detective, Long!” A woman called. I sighed and put down my coffee.
“M’am, please give me one second.” I said. I pulled out a paper, might I add that it was my eighth today and my 51st this month. I took a deap breath,
“Ok M’am.” I said reluctantly.
“Oh, Detective! It’s horrible! My name is, Barbra Jenkins-“ That is pretty bad I thought “-Look, basically I am the owner of the Natural History Museum.”
“Ok, I don’t see where this is going.”
“You see Detective, The Hope Diamond was stolen!” I was not the least bit surprised.
“And you didn’t expect that?”
“Well, no! I thought security was better.” I sighed,
“I’ll be right on it.”
“Oh, thank you so much!”
“Here’s my card, and try to keep the museum closed until we get the diamond back.” I said as I gave her my card, it read:
Remedie Long
I was about to go next door to get a refill on my coffee when the phone rung. I picked up the phone.
“Remedie Long.” There was heavy breathing on the other side.
“Hello? I do not appreciate prank calls.” Then I saw the number and gasped.
“Speak to me!” Finally words came through. A wave of shock took control. When I couldn’t take it anymore I dropped the receiver and it clattered onto the floor. I wrote all the information on another peace of paper and sprinted out of the building.
When I finally reached Cacie’s apartment building, I looked at my watch. I got the call 5 minutes ago. Cacie ran through my mind as I ran through the stairway. Cacie is my fiancé, and extremely talented. She has a better memory than anyone else I know, and she makes the best scones, cream puffs, and waffles. That doesn’t explain why anyone would want to kidnap her, but I knew what did. I looked down into the pocket of my trench coat and saw a ring box Another day I thought. I stepped inside the room. I saw a sickly amount of sweet cat posters, books on the floor, trash cans overflowing with papers, Cacie’s baseball cap on top of a few papers, pencils, and bloody nose tissues, and worst of all no Cacie.
Normally if I came back empty handed I would have gone straight to work on the Hope Diamond case, but not now. I thought of all the clues. The hat, the tissues, the chair, the books. Knowing Cacie her apartment should have been clean and tidy. Someone was definitely looking for something and took the next best thing, Cacie. I couldn’t imagine Washington D.C. without her, big, empty, and lonely. I had to do something. I thought more and more about the clues. Hours passed, and I was still thinking. Finally I got a lead, I was going to get my Cacie back.
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