A collection of Poems
A Train of Thoughts
People keep asking how I feel.
They want to know if I’m sad
Or ecxited, perhaps?
Or even distraught and angry.
But all I can do is shrug
Because I don’t know.
All I am is empty
Like a hollowed-out shell,
Waiting for emotion to fill me.
And time goes on,
Things happen,
And I wonder if this is even real
If I’m just stuck in a dream that I can’t wake up from.
I don’t feel like I left
Or like I’ve moved on
Because all I feel is emptiness.
Just watching the word pass me by,
Waiting for emotion to come
To fill the void that has grown inside.
Is not feeling a good thing?
Some say feeling is what makes us human.
I’d have to agree.
We are very emotional creatures.
I don’t why I’m so empty
Why all feelings have seemed to have left,
But I hope they return soon.
But for now, I’ll sit here
Like a hollowed-out shell,
Waiting for emotion to fill me.
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