One girl. one boy. a mission to complete
A World Ruled by Stars
A whole new world
Visions ran through my mind. The sky, the earth, the castles, the battles, the many Kings and Queens all rushed through my mind. I didn’t know where I was? Who I am? What was going on? Suddenly, all went still. Everything went silent. The air went cold. I was now frightened. Something strange was happening to me. I knew that I was supposed to be somewhere else but I didn’t know why? Disrupting me from my thoughts, a bright light appeared and I found myself lying down somewhere I didn’t know. I knew I was lying on something green and soft. I immediately knew the name of it. It was grass. I looked around, and I saw a huge, building that had red bricks and wide, open windows. ‘‘What is this place?’’ I muttered to myself.
I got up and looked at the reflection of myself on the window next to me. My dark, wavy hair was loose and I had grey or blue eyes - I couldn’t tell the colour. I wore a long, fancy robe and on my belt, it contained a sheath. I pulled out the sword inside it and studied it. It was silver and long and on the hilt, there was a golden writing etched on it.
‘‘Mors Venandi’’
I frowned. What did that mean? I decided to figure it out later. Wait, I thought. That’s latin - it means Death Hunter. I didn’t know why the sword was named like that or why I had it? I put the sword back in it’s sheath and prepared to venture the world that I didn’t recognise. I walked to a huge gate that I thought was an exit from this area. I didn’t want to spend any longer here as there was something about this place that was bugging me and I didn’t know why? I was about to exit when someone shouted, ‘‘Oy! You! What are you doing here? You aren’t allowed to trespass into these lands.’’
I turned around and in front of me a few feet away was a horrible sight. It was a hairy and horrendous man with yellowed teeth and a huge, pot belly. He wore black trousers with stains and a white vest which unfortunately, showed the ugly sight of the hair around his body and these clothes looked very unfamiliar and strange to me. Actually, everything about him was unfamiliar and peculiar.
‘‘Who are you?’’ I asked coldly. ‘‘And why are you shouting at me? I did nothing.’’
‘‘Listen, you little, girl,’’ he said pointing at me. ‘‘I don’t what you’re talking about but I own this land and no one can come in without permission. So go away with those ridiculous clothes of yours. We’re in the past not the present.’’
‘‘Don’t you dare call me a ‘little girl’,’’ I said almost getting angry and also not understanding what was wrong with my clothes. The self-centered pig was winding me up. ‘‘And I shall leave and I am doing it of my own accord not yours.’’ And on that note, I walked away with my head help up high and out of the gates. As soon I exited, a little away, was a road that were filled with strange objects. I didn’t know what they were as I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that but then, I don’t remember anything about me. There were other similar houses across the road and near me. I walked down the path next to the road and there were many others like me as well but wore strange clothes like the man from earlier. Soon, I noticed that a lot of people were staring at me though trying their best to not. I wondered why then I soon realised. I was very different from the people around me. They wore loose, light clothes that were plain and simple while I wore very grand clothes that only rich people could afford - I think that’s how it is in this world. Also, their posture were different. They were relaxed and didn’t really care what others thought of them while I - though I didn’t know why - had my chin held up high and I stood like I held authority. Instantly, I knew I didn’t belong here. This world was a stranger to me. I belonged to another world or another time and I knew my mission was to get back there and along with finding out who I am and where I am?
I reached a green, open area where people were lying about or playing and I sat down on a bench and sighed. ‘‘I can’t be here any longer,’’ I muttered to myself. ‘‘I can’t survive here. What am I supposed to do?’’
I felt hopeless and defeated. The rest of my life, I would be probably stumbling around with no knowledge of this world. Abruptly, a boy my age came running to me. He had blonde, messy hair and green eyes and looked familiar to me but I brushed that thought away. ‘‘Hey!’’ he called out.
‘‘Who are you?’’ I asked.
‘‘I am Jasper Wayfield,’’ he said. ‘‘And I live with the man you encountered earlier. He’s my uncle.’’
I stood up and backed away from him. ‘‘Are you here to take me back to him?’’ I enquired suspiciously.
Jasper shook his head. ‘‘No,’’ he replied. ‘‘I just wondered whether you needed help.’’
‘‘I don’t need help,’’ I said.
‘‘Well, it doesn’t look like it as you are just wondering around, not knowing what to do,’’ he said.
I sighed. Jasper was right. I needed help as I had nothing else. However, I wasn’t sure whether to trust him as not many people go up to someone and asks them if they need help.
‘‘I don’t believe you.’’
Jasper sighed, ‘‘If that’s how it’s going to be.’’ He started walking away and I sat back down. I stayed there for awhile but I soon regretted not going with Jasper. I decided to go after him. But he’s gone. I shook my head. This was my only chance. I started running to where Jasper went and I found him strolling back to his house.
‘‘Jasper!’’ I called out. ‘‘Wait up!’’
Jasper turned around reluctantly. ‘‘What?’’ he asked annoyed.
‘‘You’re right. I do need your help,’’ I admitted.
Jasper smiled, ‘‘Okay then but what’s your name?’’
‘‘Esmeralda Garroway.’’
‘‘Nice. I shall call you Esme for short,’’ said Jasper. ‘‘Now we better go before my uncle arrives.’’
‘‘Why?’’ I asked.
‘‘I’ll explain as we walk.’’
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