A world without animals
If our world had no animals, what would it be like? Would the trees be green, would we have pets?
Without birds or squirrels, less trees would grow. There would be no pets. Bees would not pollinate flowers, food would become scarce.
We have already consumed so much land, soon we will live in the ocean. Then sea creatures will die. Sharks are already endangered.
At the poles, the ice is melting. Temperatures are rising, and soon so will the sea level. There is no place where animals are safe.
There are poachers, game hunters, and we are killing animals indirectly by destroying their habitat.
If our world had no animals, we would not survive. Without insects, we would not have fruits or vegetables. Without fruits and vegetables, farm animals can’t survive. We need both to survive.
In conclusion, if even one part of our ecosystem is removed, we will all die. Without animals, we will surely go extinct.

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