Can you really live forever?
Early Mornings
I wake to the sound of a gong, ringing out across the courtyard. I groan and cover my head with a pillow.
‘Wake up.’ Someone is prodding me in the leg.
I push away their hand lazily. ‘Go away.’
‘Kaia, you have terrible aim. Now get up.’
‘No.’ I turn my head away.
‘Fine.’ Grumbles the voice.
I hear the sound of footsteps marching away and sigh in pleasure. Finally some peace.
I shout as icy cold water pours down my neck and trickles down my back. My eyes open in seconds. My once dry hair is now sopping wet and my pyjamas are soaked.
Laughter fills the air and I turn to see the culprit chuckling on the floor, an empty jug beside him.
‘I hate you.’ I hiss, wringing the water out of my hair and on to his neck.
‘I know.’ Leo smiles, his dark blue eyes wide and innocent.
‘Why did you wake me up so early? I thought it was the weekend.’ I climbed over the railings of the bunk and land painfully on the floor.
‘It is. Now come on, klutz. Let’s go get some breakfast.’
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