ForEst HeRoes book 1:
The Lone Wolf
All he remembered was his mother.
It wasn’t much, but he remembered the feeling of warm fur against his own, remembered her silver and white fur with her icy blue eyes. If he imagined it long enough, he was in the den with her and surrounded by his pack, feeling safe and protected.
It all felt like it was forever ago.
Now he was flowing through a river with a current with strength like a tornado. It was freezing cold but that wasn’t what he was worried about. I have to get out of here he thought. He tried to swim against it, to try and break free but to no avail. The ice of the river was creeping up his snowy white fur into his skin, making him feel even colder than the river actually was. His fur was wet and heavy and he had a harder time betting breaths of air. He felt the freezing river water go over his head.
I will not die.
Quickly, he padded towards the surface. His sore muscles sang in pain. Once he broke to the surface gasping for air, he whirled around, looking for something to grab. Quickly he spotted a strong looking branch on a snow covered tree, perfectly in his reach. He felt his powerful jaws lock around it and he started to swim. His wet fur made it harder for him to keep his head above the water. The river threatened to pull him under.
I will not die.
The continuous thought gave him strength. He must survive. He had to survive. With a burst of strength, he hoisted himself onto the branch, using his claws to grab a better hold. The branch groaned under his pressure, but he was not falling back into that river. He was exhausted and frozen, but he used the last of his strength to get up.
Once his paws touched the snow covered ground, he collapsed, breathing heavily. Looking around, he looked to see if anyone had followed him, to make sure that he was dead. Nothing. He took a step to look around but he felt his exhaustion get the best of him and he closed his eyes, letting the darkness take over him.
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