A mysterious girl, an interested boy, A secret that could ruin them both
The Girl
I first saw her in seventh period geometry. Her long hair was straight down her back, and it was so long she had to put over the back of her blue plastic chair. The teacher called on her to answer the problem on the board, and with the utmost confidence, she did. She left with a black haired boy, laughing at something he said.
She smiled rarely, but when she did it was wide and made her eyes sparkle. Her laugh was even more of a rarity than her smile, and it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.
Everyday she seemed like a different person. One day she would wear a flowy, green dress with a pair of tan sandals, the next a black leather jacket, dark colored skinny jeans, and combat boots. Even though her outfit style would change day to day, one thing remained the same: a lily was always somewhere in her hair. If it was braided, she had the lily at the top and smaller flowers down the bottom and along the sides.
When she ate lunch in the cafeteria with her friends, she stood out from them all, with her ginger hair and her attitude and sass. Every other day she would sit with them and they’d gossip about what’s what. When she didn’t sit with them, she sat with the black haired boy and his friends, which changed her from a no-nonsense leader to a drooling mess.
I always watched from far away, my ear buds in or headphones on to keep the world away. She would wave at me every time she saw me, clearly recognizing me and wanting to be polite. Being the socially awkward mess that I am, I would smile slightly to avoid seeming rude.
To put it simply, I adored her. Her confidence, how easily she spoke to people, how she was able to be polite, even friendly, to people she had just met. Everyone liked her, and I would never see her walking to class alone.
But there was something that was never quite right about her. It bothered me everyday, sometimes even more than people not being able to sense the same thing. Her eyes weren’t quite right, the blue a bit too blue. She didn’t ever have acne and she didn’t have any freckles and she didn’t have any scars.
She was an open book that was somehow a mystery. She was her own paradox.
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