Life isn’t wonderland
Almost immediately, I knew I wouldn’t like this school. My father had just switched jobs, so they’d had to move. I had spent a day here while my father register me to the school. Today, I was starting school.
When I walked into school, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day. The school was a large, plain building built from bricks. There was a little playground in the back. It had a gloomy feeling around it.
When I walked into school, I started searching for my classroom. After a few minutes, I gave up and went to ask somebody in the front office.
“Hello?” I asked, pushing open the door.
“Hello. How may help you?” the woman asked.
“I need to find where room 301 is,” I answered. She flipped through the pages of a book.
“Go right and then left, then turn a corner. You’ll find room 301 there.” Then she lifted her spectacles and looked at me. “You are quite late. Now hurry along.”
I obeyed. I knew this was going to be a long day.
I introduced myself and sat down as quick as possible. It wasn’t that I couldn’t speak in public. I could speak in public just fine. But I was worried about a billion other things, like what they thought of me, if I was making a fool of myself, and a million other things. I was fine speaking to a bunch of people I didn’t know-who cared what they thought of me?-but to talk to people that would be my classmates for half a year was different.
The teacher was really nice. She introduced herself as Ms.Oakes. She smiled a lot and liked to do things a bit differently.
“I thought we would use something that introduced ourselves to each other a bit more uniquely. We can use a website a found and type something about ourselves and then the website scrambles them for us and we guess who’s is who’s.” This was greeted by a general muttering. Everyone got up and got a Chromebook. I followed suit.
What could I write about myself? I liked to do arts like dancing, drawing and singing. Did they expect us to write a full paragraph? Or did they expect us to write a sentence? I glanced over at the girl next to me. She had written a few lines already.
I like to dance, draw and sing. Was that a bit too simple? I like to write and read. I like to write stories. I also liked to draw and read a certain type of picture. Should I have written that in between those two? I kept wondering and worrying about what I wrote. The girl next to me was typing like crazy. It distracted me a lot.
“All right, times up!” Ms.Oakes called. “Time to scramble!”
We watched as all the answers were mixed together. Only one answer appeared on my screen.
“Cool,” the girl next to me muttered, grinning. I stared at the answer that had appeared on my screen.
I have a little brother named Nick. I am 11 years old and I like to read, write and draw. My best friend is Chryssa and we like to sing together. I’m not very good at swimming but I love to slide water slides. I enjoy peace.
The response made me worry about my response. Would it compare to this one?
“Ready Chryssa?” Ms.Oakes asked, turning to a girl with red, fizzy hair. The girl nodded and started reading off her Chromebook.
“I like to play video games.” Everyone laughed. I guessed that having a very short response was funny. Or was it because everyone played video games?
This was a hard one to guess, since I guessed that almost all boys liked to play video games. Apparently Chryssa thought so too, because she looked around the class with her eyebrows furrowed.
“Colin?” she guessed. The boy she pointed to grinned and said, “Nope.”
“Who did it?” Ms.Oakes asked. A skinny boy raised his hand. “Aah, Trevor! Read your question.”
It continued on and on until a girl who’s name was Bella read hers. It was mine. Bella looked around until her eyes finally landed on me.
“Qadira?” she asked. I nodded, wishing I wrote more interesting things. I read mine. When I was done reading, I looked around. Bella’s face had turned slightly pink. Chryssa was staring at Bella.
“Bella?” I asked, though it seemed unlikely. Bella’s ears turned red and she managed a nod. It continued on and on until finally, it was over.
“Time for lunch!” Ms.Oakes announced. Thank the gods when school would be over.
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