YOU Can’t choose it
Time waits for now one
“Wait!” I screamed as loud as I can. But my scream falls on deaf ears. Silly Mia the world waits for nobody especially not eleven year olds. I hear pearls hit the floor as I mourn and silently weep. The people I love most are dead.. my parents. I don’t remember much very well of the aftermath, everything was a blur. It didn’t feel anything it was like watching a movie. I know I went to the police station in a cruiser, went to a funeral, and ended up in foster care, but not in which order.
Its been exactly one year since that fateful afternoon. It seems like yesterday. The slight fall breeze blows my hair in the breeze. I look down at there graves tears rolling down my cheeks. “Miss you” I silently whisper. They died trying to save my from a psychopath that had just been roaming the streets as we walked past. I start heading to back to my foster parents house.
Suddenly there’s this weird mist, and then black. I as I slowly regain consciousness I realize I don’t know where I am. Then I start seeing things. Pictures and images of I don’t know what. And as soon as this all started it ended.
I woke up and I was in my bed again (whew). No, wait not my bed. A hospital bed. Wait!? A hospital bed? This isn’t gonna be good.
As most times my books are powered by YOU the readers. Guess what happens next and why Mia is in the hospital. Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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