A _bookworm_ story
Above The Surface
Chapter 1
“Friday Myers, would you like to share whatever your thinking of with the class?”
I return to reality with a jolt. The smell of damp earth and rotting wood fills my nostrils, reminding me where I really am. A dark, dingy classroom, many miles beneath the Earth’s surface.
The classroom is only one of many “pockets” in the soil, where my society lives, each “pocket” connected by tunnels. Our ancestors were forced to go underground after the ozone layer, the only thing protecting the Earth from the Sun’s deadly UV rays, was destroyed by toxic fumes and gases. They made the “pockets”, rooms supported by the gigantic roots of ancient trees, and built a village under the soil. Soon enough the village became a town and then a city of millions of people.
There were many problems to overcome, hunger and thirst, disease, idleness and boredom, but we learned to adapt. We grow root vegetables and fruit, crops and raw materials for clothing and other necessities. We made drains, grates and piping from above for water, air and also to use some of the toxic gases carefully for heating and electricity. We grow medicinal plants and herbs and made jobs for people once more, farmers, doctors, dentists, shopkeepers, chemists, teachers and more. Everyone has their place. Ms Milling has hers trying to teach me Maths in Compound 67. But I can’t help myself from dreaming of outside.
I have never felt like I belong.
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