A City Of destruction
Acid Rain
What’s happening?
Jack looked around his hill, then up at the sun, the doctor said he had some strange gene which makes him able to look at the sun, he looked up.
“AGHHH, RAIN!” said Jack
He put his hand in a pocket and pulled out a steel cylinder. It unfolded itself into a steel umbrella, he suddenly noticed all the plants were dying.
It was as if he could see their very souls disappearing, he looked around.
Jack was a young teenager, 14 years old, his dark brown hair reflected his hair, his family was of middle class, as his dad always told him, Johnathan ran up to him, his black hair swayed in the wind.
“Jack! All the plants are dead! its chaos! you gotta help!” yelled Johnathan
The duo ran towards the city.
The place was getting extremely dreary, and the thought on everyone’s mind was: WHATS GOING ON!!!!
Jack looked around. Everything was as he left it.
“What are you talking about?”
“But- There was a-“
He looked at him and his face became the one that would have scared gods if they looked.
“Ehm- nevermind”
He looked down and suddenly the road opened up, a hole appeared out of nowhere.
“Um... we are already on the ground...”
They looked around, there was a hallway, they walked very slowly through it. Jack then noticed many symbols
“These symbols together say: The machine will make a great rain fall upon the earth and death will follow _
They then noticed a bright light, and walked up, suddenly Jack woke up in his bedroom. It was a dream thought Jack. He looked around, his small cramped room seemed to make him claustrophobic. The calender said it was Saturday, he sighed, hating weekends was the strangest thing he thought. Well, I guess it was all a dream. He walked around and went outside, the sun seemed to make everything brighter then it was. He looked at the trees. He then noticed whole branches missing all their leaves.
It wasnt a dream thought Jack.
“Lets go people! Times a wasting, the machine must be turned on!” Said a slave-master.
“But im sleepy!”
“No time!”
Hera looked around, her eyes focusing on the small egg, what is it? Urgh.
Once again nothing happened. She sighed. Nothing exciting ever happens on her side of the neighborhood, Jack and Johnathan have all the fun...
She then raised her eyebrow, then again...

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