The dad i never knew
Across The Stars
Dear mother,
I knew you had a hard time accepting the fact that I’m going to space to find dad but I hope you understand the importance of my mission.
Everyday, I look out the circular window of my room in our rocket ship: Universal Hope, and gaze out to the infinite number of golden balls of light shimmering in the night sky; wondering if dad was seeing this breath-taking view too at this very moment, somewhere in the universe.
I know you miss him too but being in space brings me closer to him then I could ever wish for. Even though I can barely remember him since he left me at a very young age to explore the endless, shimmering sky of the galaxy; memories sometimes come back to me when I gaze out the window of my bedroom.
Just last night, another memory came back to me when I was sleeping.
I was very young then, and I loved to swim even though I wasn’t very good.
As the cool breeze kisses lightly on my cheek I knew I was ready. With a great amount of determination I slowly climbed up the ladder of the tall diving board. I reach the top sooner than I would have liked. I could still taste the sweet but slightly sour lemonade in my mouth.
I took a deep breath. The smell of pine trees always calms down my nerves. I reminded myself to look forward but not down since the height always makes me feel dizzy. I bent my legs, preparing myself for the dive, praying that I won’t mess this up. I took one last breath, closed my eyes, and took off.
Splashing everywhere, the cold water is a sudden shock at first. For a second my leg muscles freeze from the cold and I panic. All I can see is the foamy white of the pool. Rushing water is all that I can hear. Wet frigid water swarms past me, biting and stinging me like mosquitoes hungry for warm blood.
My lungs were screaming for air and my vision was starting to fade away. Suddenly two strong arms fished me out of the water - it was dad! I gulped greedly for fresh air as soon as I was out of the water. Dad hugged me close, protecting me from harm. I was safe.
Dad had saved me before and I will return the favour. The S.O.S note from him will not be ignored.
Do not worry mom. I promise I will save him.
Lots of love, Amy
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