Everyone believes Alanza is shy—even she does
New School, New “Friends”
Most teenage girls aren’t known as a Lady. But, most teenage girls aren’t the daughter of John Cornwall, Duke of Cornwall, England. Most teenage girls aren’t me, Lady Alanza Cornwall.
Today was my first day at the Academy of Lords and Ladies. My stomach double backflipped. My whole life I had been homeschooled by Olga, my schooling maid.
What made the Academy of Lords and Ladies so daunting, was the fact that it was a boarding school outside of Cornwall. What was so scary about that? I was shy. At least, that’s what I thought. That’s what everyone else thought too. But I would learn that they were wrong.
My chauffeur helped me out of the carriage and onto the perfect lawn of the academy.
“Would you care for me to walk you in, Me’lady?” He asked me.
“No thank you,” I answered primly.
He nodded and tipped his hat.
The dorm building was massive with five, tall, long stories stretching to the sky. There was four more of these dorm buildings all along Elm Avenue. Then, there were six, tall education buildings. One for every three subjects. It was exorbitant.
I quickly walked past all the wonder of A.L.L. (The Academy of Lords and Ladies) and into dorm building three.
I was bombarded with escorts and bell boys. Somehow, I ended up in a plush dorm room, sitting on top of an over-stuffed featherbed with my luggage beside me. I looked around, getting up from the bed.
“My roommate must not be here yet,” I thought out loud, attempting to comfort myself.
“I’m here.” A stout voice answered immediately.
I whipped my head around, my long chestnut hair slapping against my white cheek.
My roommate laughed, hopping down from the loft to the floor next to me. I jumped back in surprise.
She didn’t look like you would expect a lady to look like. She was very short and square and looked about as over-stuffed as the bed I had been sitting on. Her skin was brown and callused. Her hair was short and uneven. It was the color of the dishwater the kitchen maid used to throw out the castle window. I felt a sudden pang of homesickness looking at her.
“I’m Eliza,” She said, thrusting out her hand toward me.
“Um, hi,” I mumbled, clasping my hands behind my back and taking another step backward.
Then, she did something unbelievable. She reached her stubby arm behind my back, grabbed one of my hands, and shook it vigorously.
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