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By Joseph C Illustrated by storyBird
Adventure Time!
Chapter 1 The Beggining
One hot night Fin and Jake were just going sleeping. When they were sleeping they were imagining they were fantastic pirates.
They were in a flying ship.Gazing upon the sky.Suddenly...they saw a knight with shining armor taunting a big snake.
The knight’s name was Leeroy Jekins. He had a sword and jumped on the tail of the beast.He cut of the tail,Then ran to the neck and then...Cut the neck of but...He had no way out because there was a cliff.He fell down...swoosh a angel came and saved Leeroy then the angel flew away
“Bye Bye” said the angel in a nice way.
Chapter 2 The dragon trainer
When they were imagining they were imagining a dragon trainer they were flying over the girl and watch like they were in the cinema.She had a fearsome dragon called a rock back.They were just sitting waiting for a danger.
When suddenly the girl and the rock back saw the volcano’s erupt...
It was the dragon king.Up to his dirty deeds again.He was disguised as a old man.Telling stories about his life.”One day I was out in Mt’Rushmore I was going to train a dragon”.But the girl ambushed him.But...The dragon king fiercely transformed in to a dragon.They were to late but...A knight appeared and said “You must stop”.Then he used his magical sword and...froze the dragon.And got big hand cuffs so then the girl and the knight put him to dragon jail.
Chapter 3 The ghost of Shady Grey
Jake and Finn dreamed they were detectives.On Halloween people keep saying the ghost of Shady Grey will appear.It was a good time to solve the mystery of the Ghost of Shady Grey because the Ghost of Shady Grey keeps escaping.They found clues that were foot prints.They looked everywhere.Until...they found here in a big tree the ghost was ascending to the ground.
The detectives said “Why are you here” the girl replied “Because I am the son of Mother Nature” Dun dun duuuun!The mystery was solved and then the girl was sentence to not be harmed for ever and ever.
Chapter 4 The challenge
Fin and Jake dreamed they were writer writing a book.One day at school Elsha Graham was listen to the teacher and the teacher said “There is and IQ test tomorrow so read some books a lot who ever has the most IQ will win a prize the prize will be there very own book.So Elsha went to a library that was secret.
She read over and over that she imagined the book that she was going to write.
The IQ test started. She passed the test and had drum please!...981 IQ!Her Mom and Dad was amazed.Then she continued to be a scientist for her career and she solved what was the cure for cancer!It was named Anti-Cancer medicine.Which in scientific way was E=MC2 so that means you have to go to space but don’t worry you have a suit.
Chapter 5 No Idea
When they were dreaming they were stuck in the dreamworld forever it was like you were in a cage that was made from everything that was solid. They were with this wise man that was also no as a Ajussi that was a wise chinese they were on the moon.
The only way to escape was to make a string long enough to have contact to the real world.They tried over and over to talk the man but did not work.Then the man answered “Why are you here my boy’s” they replied “Because we slept and then we were stuck in the dreamworld”.The man made a biiiiiig string to go back to the earth.
They said “Goodbye to the man” his name was Tai Lung the King of the dreamworld.
Chapter 6 Awoken
Finn and Jake was safe and now went to school and told his teacher what dream they dreamed of.
The End
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