Adventures of a 5th Grade Girl
Math- can it possibly be more boring?
I stared at the clock. 1:30. 1:31. 1:32. It was math, and I was bored. My teacher, Mr. Murphy, was teaching us about angles. I had stayed up late last night to watch an episode of my favorite show, The Flash, and I was not in the mood to listen. As Mr. Murphy droned on, Mary Todd (or MT as we called her) stifled a giggle. I guess all the class was as restless as I was. I dropped my pencil, then peered under my desk to retrieve it.
“Ava, can you tell us if this is a obtuse or acute angle?” asked Mr. Murphy, breaking me out of my daze. I looked up at the board, startled.
“You mean that one?” I asked, pointing at a angle.
“No Ava. In the book.” Aaron, my desk partner laughed. I peered at the angle.
“Correct. Class dismissed! Remember to-“ but he was cut off as the students rose to escape the class. “-do your homework,” he finished. I laughed, then ran out of the class with my friends. Next up- Social Studies.

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Chapter 2

I get glitter-i-fied, and we talk about crushes

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