The story of the great fire and how it affected everyone
After The Fire
Chapter 1
The Fire, as many call it, was a great fire that was not discovered until two days after it starting. By that time it had already burned through a five-hundred and fifty-acre area. It spread fast because of the place it started had lots of dead bushes. This fire spread throughout the whole continent of North America burning almost everything to the ground. The only reason it stopped before spreading to South America was because of the Panama Canal.
I was only three years old when the fire started. I never understood the fire, when I was young. Although now the fire still goes on in many places, even after fourteen years. I guess I should say my name though, it’s Mary Whitney.
My parents at first told me we were going on a trip. I guess you could say it was a trip but as we traveled I noticed there was a lot of fire everywhere. My parents ended up dying in a car crash, but I survived. I started to do my own thing after a while because there really is no one left to tell you what to do and what not to do.
Soon enough I explain to you what it’s like to live on a burning planet.

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