Felicity has a case of
Ailurophobia, Fear of Cats
Felicity was terrified of cats – even the cute, clumsy kittens that frolicked in the pet shop window. Felicity hid behind her friends as they pointed to their favourites, laughing at how cute the kittens were as they wrestled, lapped up milk, and napped in the soft bed of straw. But Felicity didn’t laugh. She didn’t point, and she definitely didn’t talk. Felicity barely drew a breath, she was so afraid.
Kathrine, Felicity’s friend, would tug on Felicity day after day, “Felicity, come on! They’re just kittens, and they are so cute!” she’d always say.
Kathrine, aka Kat, adored cats, she would go to the pet shop and admire the kittens all day with the other kids.
Felicity would feel left out, like she didn’t belong with this group of cat lovers, but she really didn’t have any choice but to stay in the corner, she didn’t know what took over her, but something happened when she was near them that made her just want to crawl up into the corner.
One Wednesday evening, just as the sun was setting, turning the sky deep orange, Kat had an idea. The pet shop had just closed and most of the other kids were going home for dinner but Kat dragged Felicity in the opposite direction of their homes.
“What are you doing, Kat,” Felicity asked. “Where are we going, our homes are the other way?”
We are going to the doctors so that you can get an appointment with the phobia doctor to see what is going on,” Kat replied. “Today, you didn’t even come close to the cats to see the new kitten, you seriously should have seen it, it was adorable!”
And with that, she shoved Felicity into the doctor’s room.
Felicity stepped out of the doctor’s room with Kat tight on her trail.
“Ailurophobia, Fear of cats. . . it can’t be.” Felicity muttered under her breath, but the doctor had not made a mistake, he had really spoken the truth.
“A major case of ailurophobia.” Kat spat out. “I should have known.”
Felicity felt like she had done something wrong, with Kat not saying a word to her on their way home. This turned Felicity’s mood even worse than when it was when she’d got the news, and she had started to slouch her shoulders and rest her mouth into a frown.
As Kat dropped Felicity home, she finally spoke up.
“Look, I’m sorry for not talking to you and being a bit mad at you.” Kat said quietly. “I was just disappointed that you actually have a proper fear of cats and that it wasn’t just an insignificant dislike, or something.”
“It’s ok.” Felicity said, disappointed in herself. “I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to be, you know, I just remembered. . .” Kat said as her face lit up. “Fear’s don’t always stay, there’s always a cure.”
Felicity didn’t know what was going on.
“Meet me at my house tomorrow, 11am, k?” Kat blurted out and rushed out of the door leaving Felicity alone.
Felicity wondered what Kat was thinking, but only the next day could tell.
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