Kidville: Series 1, Book 1
All Because of a Potato
All Because of a Potato
By: Me ( I have some help from my sister, who is writing book 1 of the second series )
Jack: a normal, average, everyday farm boy, 10-years old, brother to Lucy
Lucy: an everyday girl, younger sister to Jack, 8-years old
Marina: Jack and Lucy’s mother
Rick: the town mayor’s son, 11-years old
These are the kid scientists that first dragged Jack and Lucy in:
Tom: always sleeping at the most unusual times, Nickname: “Sleepy”
John: a stubborn boy, always wants to be first at everything
Sean: a very smart boy, but with no common sense( he discovered that newts cannot swim, just today. Imagine that! )
Ava: a smart girl( in fact, the smartest of the scientists! ), loves inventions, and the one that does THE MOST WORK BECAUSE OF THOSE LAZY PEOPLE!!!( cough, cough )
I hope you will like this book!!!!!!!!!!!
But really, this is A LOT to me so please keep reading, even if it doesn’t look like much, I will say that it is one of my best works. Keep an eye out for the next book!

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Chapter 2

The Beginning: A Potato

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