She never could’ve dreamed of
All This Blank Space
A Letter to Someone
May 14th
It’s me. I am Alessia Marie Lexington. I’m aboard Space Mission 104, and everything is going quite well. I do not know if this letter will every get to you. Whoever you are. This is why I am writing the following:
This is a letter to you. Whoever you are. You are someone. You are special. You are... you. Please know this. I don’t quite know why I am writing this. I suppose it was because I started out this way. I felt isolated with no one to care for me.
Until I realized my strengths. Until I realized that life is sweet but sour. Now, floating in all this empty darkness...I realize that sometimes life is a taste undescribable.
I suppose to overcome obstacles, you need positivity. Positivity is key. People need to understand that they are themselves.
I will tell you something, whoever you are. Listen. Go out for a walk today. Look at the bright pink roses or the beach or wherever you are. Just walk. Don’t—don’t be unsettled. Be yourself, person. Don’t let anyone else think awful thoughts about you. And, well, if they do...don’t listen.
Because that, my friend, is a great big lie.
Now, here is a challenge for you. Make a chain of letters. Send another letter to someone you don’t know. Leave it on a seat in a bus....put it into a bottle at sea...just write a positive note to someone.
This is my wish, from space. I want nothing but positivity spreading around the world. That is all. Space is so big and black, though there are stars and planets. It still needs to be filled with more color. Well, if space can’t be filled with color, Earth can. The colors of positivity.
I am coming back to Earth in a week. Send another letter to someone.
I assure you, it will make their day.
Thank you,
Alessia Marie Lexington

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