I Was born an
Ally cat
As Midnight padded along the wall, she saw a squirrel running below her in the ally. She muttered under her breath, “I’m going to get you!” And jumped down, right on top of the squirrel. Then, as she bunched her muscles to leap on to the wall, she heard a gruff voice behind her. “What do you think you’re doing?”
Midnight spun around and saw an angry cat behind her. “Um, Hunting?” I replied “Well, kitty!’ He spat “This is my ally and unless I say so, you can’t hunt here. Now scram you filthy kit!” Who is this cat? Midnight thought, and why is he so mean? “Excuse me, She asked, ‘what’s your name?”After a few heart beats he replied “Spider. Now that you know my name, I want to know yours.” “Midnight” She said “My parents both died of whitecough 3 sunrises ago, I’ve been on my own ever since.” Midnight thought she saw a flash of sympathy is Spider’s eyes. “That’s a shame, He said “My mother was taken by a Twoleg, and my father was killed my a monster.” Midnight suprised herself by saying, “Can you help me?” Spider’s eyes stretched wide in suprise and he said,” Well, it depends on what you need helping with. If you want me to help you take care of a troublesome cat, then I’m all yours. Actually,” said Midnight. “That’s exactly what I need help with!
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