Alone in Somewhere New
Chapter 1
Kansas. To New York. A quiet, farmplace. A bustling city. How did I get where I am now? I don’t know.
“Ally, honey, you need to start packing up. We’re leaving in an hour.” My mom said. If you didn’t already guess, we’re moving from Kansas to NYC. I’m NOT excited about this. APPARENTLY, my dad has a new job that requires us to move to NYC, so.... yeah.
I finish packing.
We head out to our rusted pick up truck, and the moving trucks aren’t far behind.
We get to the airport, where we load everything we’ve ever known onto an airplane.
We get onto a plane, and I sit down in a seat thats in between a crying baby, and a guy that really needs to go on a diet.
I twirl one of my braids, cause thats what I do when I’m nervous.
I grab my book, and start preparing for the many hours that I am stuck on this plane.
See you there.
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