Alone With Work To Do
Chapter One: Orphanage
My name is Dawn. I don’t have any friends and were made an orphan 10 years ago. I am now 11 years old and I was in orphanage since someone found me on the street and put me in this horrid place. I’m used to all this work but I’m tired at the same time. The owner of this orphanage is very nice but mostly this place is cruel. I must have these horrid lessons with these wicked children that are always teasing me about my name. Everytime I do something they don’t like the say “Dan Dan Dan!” but to me that seems like “Dawn Dawn Dawn!”. Really I do wish I didn’t end up here. There is absolutly nothing to do. I am in secondry school now and the wicked care taker makes me do ALL the chores. Every day I must clean the dishes and usally cook this lovely dinner for all the kids but me! Everyone hates me and makes me do everything! This orphanage is just as horrid as the people who had loving parents until the were around 8. I barely have to to read my books and when I do finish me HarryPotters and TheNaughtiestGirl books I’ll be stuck with boring school books.You see,I don’t get pocket money here while most of the orphans get money every week! One time this girl came up to me and told me I looked really silly because I have black hair quite dark skin and brown eyes. She said that I actually looked like the real dawn. Suddenly I felt jealous of her. She looked just like Ginny from Harry Potter books and was treated beatifully I mean really. Her name is her Ginny and guess how they treat her! She’s like the queen of the palace! She never gets blamed she has a huge room to herself and almost every girl is with her. But if she’s an orphan she isn’t so lucky.
Today lots of kids were adopted.
Nobody has come for me yet though there is a strange,sinister looking man coming around our dormitory.
I’m scared.
Oh no!
That man is going to adopt me!
What will I do!?
It looks like he has this stylish girlfriend.
In the car there was this group of people.
The man ereged me into the trunk and I am stuck in this truck still .
But now it is a late hour and I should get me sleep...
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