Book 1
Alpha Wolf
Bear Attack
I woke up from the restless night I had, it was terrible. Full of nightmares about becoming Alpha, my visions had shown me that I would in 3 months become Alpha. It was terrible, and I hated it so much. I was just calmly giving a speech to the fellow pack and the humans just ruined our discussion, I saw they were using weapons whilst we were defenceless. Many of the wolves were taken, and there I was, just standing looking at my pack fighting against the humans and after they got rid of the other wolves they came after me.
“Sis! Play with me!”
One of the un-named pups said, mother had pups 3 months ago and they call me sis. I am pretty much their only older sister because they were all taken by coyotes, bears and eagles.
“Okay, you wanna play? Go and find yourself a hiding spot and we’ll play hide n’ seek shall we? And...Go!”
She ran off almost instantly, urgent to win the game. After I counted to 30 I howled to say that I was coming to find the pup. I ran at a fast speed to try and find the pup as quick as I could, I found a way up to a tree and climbed up to try and find the hiding pup. I found the pup and was about to leap down when I saw a bear racing towards the pup, I quickly howled to the pack to attack the bear before I leapt from tree to tree. As soon as I saw there was no tree to jump onto next I leapt down on the bear’s back as my old strategy.
“Sis! Help!”
The pup yelled in fear, I quickly went to jump on the bear’s back but he moved and I missed badly. I ran over to the bear’s back side and grabbed his tail and pulled as hard as I could. The bear turned around and chased after me, so I ran for my life whilst my parents just ran outside to get the pup and ran inside the den again. I ran for 10 minutes before tiring quickly, I looked back at the bear. Still angry that he couldn’t have wolf pup for breakfast I still kept running until I remembered the tree I could climb back at the den, I quickly raced back and prepared my claws for some serious jumping if I failed then it was the end of me. I ran faster than ever, maybe the fastest I’ve ever ran. I leapt early to get a higher jump, I jumped high but my claws missed and didn’t grab on.
“No! Don’t you-”
I yelled as I tried to jump higher, with not much energy it was like I was never going to make it to the top. I felt a slight wriggle in the tree and I looked down at the bear, he was trying to knock the tree over.
“Mum, Dad!”
I yelled desperate for their help, if their was anytime I needed them most, it was now. I tried to jump up higher and higher, I was so close to the top when mum and dad came out. Dad bit his tale and the bear got really mad, this gave me a chance to get up to the top of the tree but the bear knocked it down one last time which lost my balance for good. Now I was on the very floor of the tree, knowing this was my end. The bear scratched me and gave me a scar and roared in my before biting off the very top of my ear, I jumped on it’s head and leapt from there up to the top of the tree in two jumps.
“Mum, Dad! Keep on fighting! I’ll take care of the pups!”
I yelled before jumping from the tree whilst bitting my toes so I was rolling at the same time and landed on all four feet, and ran into the den.
“Is everyone okay?”
I asked painting and looking at all the pups
All of them answered except for one
“Pup, pup. What’s wrong with you?”
“Hide and seek! You ruined hide and seek!”
The pup yelled, I then realised that it was the pup I was playing hide n’ seek with.
“No, I didn’t ruin hide n’ seek the bear did. Next time, try not to hide behind a rock where there’s no escape!”
“I wasn’t planning on that but you howled and I had to stay agents a rock because you were searching for me from the top!”
The pup started yelling and I did too to show her who’s boss
“At least you didn’t get killed! I’m the one who saved you!”
“Oh yeah, well why did mum and dad have to help you? Plus I would’ve been fine battling that bear on my own.”
“Oh really? Well from what I remember YOU were crying out for me to save you from the bear because he was going to make you his breakfast!” “Be quiet for once big sis! Your not being very nice! Your hurting my ears!”
“Be quiet? BE QUIET?! I’m the next to be alpha, so unless you want to be kicked out of the pack I recommend to do as I say!”
“Huh, now you’re just being rude...”
“Now you’re being the rudest wolf that ever existed!”
Mum yelled as if she were really starting to lose it.
I rushed out the den as fast as I could, I pushed myself and got my teeth ready. I then leapt onto the bear’s back and bit it’s neck as hard as I could, the bear went into a deep sleep and died. I stood up in pride, and gave a big howl. It was a start of a rally, each time a kill is made the wolf in-charge or who killed the animal howls first and the rest of the pack joins in. And it was so, everyone there howled out to their heart’s to the moon. Today was magical.
“Luna, that kill was amazing. You were destined to become the alpha female, you would take my place but I don’t care. You saved all our pack, I think you shall be alpha in one exact month.”
Mum said after the howl, but yes. Luna was my real name, I was the last one born and I was born at the second of moonlight so that’s why I was named Luna. I also forgot to tell you about myself, I am fully white and the bravest of all the wolves in my pack. And that’s pretty much all I can tell you right now cause this next bit is the change of my life.
“O-o-okay, s-sure. Why not? I accept to be female alpha in 3 months!”
Everyone howled accept for me, I was keeping on the lookout for the humans. It was as soon as I was alpha they attacked,
“But Luna, are you sure you want this responsibility? Because the alphas have a lot to deal with, plus, you must have a mate before becoming alpha. It is either you choose, or we choose for you. So, are you sure you want to sign up for the place of alpha?”
Dad asked, as if this was the most important stage of his life, for his daughter to become the alpha female.
“I’m sure dad, besides, I am the only one in the litter that can be alpha.”
I said to him jumping down from the bear
“Okay then, you are still an Omega for 3 months. You must find an Alpha Male, which we don’t have so you will need to go to other packs to see if you can find a ALPHA male yourself and you must have pups with them.”
“Ok, okay dad I know what to do. So...I’ll just go and find my mate and see you la-“
“Oh no, no, no, no. You are not leaving without your mother and father giving you a send off meal...So come inside and spend one more night with us, please, so we can give you a proper send off.”
Mum protested
“Okay, fine...”
I said, mum is still the alpha female so once she says something she means it! So there I was, my last night sleeping in my den before searching for my new mate.
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