His world has changed for the worst
I felt weird when I got out of bed, as if I’d just been pushed into a vortex and spun around and around. My hands felt clammy and there was a slight tingling in my left calf. But I still dressed and got ready for school.
I put on my black shorts and shirt with the three blood-red stripes on the right shoulder. But I also wore a hoodie today because of the cold.
Call me weird, but I rather liked my uniform.
But then again, my school wasn’t like other schools. Star Academy was a place where you learned what you wanted to learn. I was studying to become an author while some other kids were researching to become construction workers, bakers and even game show hosts. But the other half of the school was Star High, the part of the school that was like other schools.
All this was in a small town called Oaks. And this small town was surrounded by mountains and dense forests. A small town with the hope that an unconventional school will bring more people, (and money), to town.
But today wasn’t the regular humbug of day to day life in Oaks. My life had already changed for the worst. And I had already become my worst nightmare.
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