you can’t ever fall down in have to
Always Stand Up
‘’That’s not possible!’’ I winced at the pain and threw a punch at the bag.
‘’Don’t get smart with me, come on!’’ he ordered.
I sluggishly punched at the bag, barely making it swing.
Come on, you can do it.
‘’Harder! PUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT!’’ Jerry bent down to my level.
I breathed sharply, sweat trickling down my face.
‘’You tired?’’ he asked.
I nodded, my heart racing. A cramp was forming right below my rib. Oh that was great.
‘’I can’t arms,’’ I ducked as Jerry launched a glove at me.
‘’Good. That means your doing it right. GO GO GO GO GO!’’ Jerry roared.
‘’I can’t-‘’ I started to say it but held it back.
‘’What was that?’’ Jerry’s eyes flashed.
‘’I can’t do it!’’ I cried, the room swaying.
‘’You are almost there! You want to be a boxer? HUH?’’ he asked.
I tried to answer but my mouth was so dry it felt like the desert.
‘’NO PAIN NO GAIN NO PAIN NO GAIN!’’ Jerry clapped his hands together.
‘’It hurts!’’ I moaned.
‘’I KNOW IT HURTS! FIFTY SECONDS GIRL FIFTY SECONDS!’’ Jerry cranked the music up.
‘’I feel like I’m about to die!’’ I cried.
‘’Good!’’ Jerry laughed.
‘’It’s not funnym’’ I breathed.
‘’TWENTY SECONDS!’’ he screamed.
I bit my lip, feeling the tears run down my cheeks.
‘’Are you crying?’’ Jerry placed the whistle in his mouth.
‘’I’m not just comes out!’’ I gritted through my teeth.
‘’GOOD!’’ he grabbed the buzzer from his pocket.
‘’Guess what?’’ he held it up.
‘’What?’’ I threw one last punch. The sound of the buzzer was music to my ears.
‘’You made it!’’ Jerry handed me a few bags of ice.
‘’Your a pretty good coach,’’ I grinned.
‘’I know. I’m pretty good at everything,’’ he dusted off his shirt.
‘’Don’t get so cocky,’’ I smirked.
‘’I’m still the best boxing coach out there,’’ Jerry bragged.
‘’And the worst older brother ever,’’ I teased.
‘’Your just saying that cause I make you cry,’’ Jerry fell to the ground and mimicked me.
‘’Uh..I can’t do it!’’ he cried in a high voice.
‘’Jerry!’’ I laughed.
‘’Just kidding. You’ve got some nice guns right there,’’ he punched my muscles.
I snapped out and grabbed his arm. Jerry squealed like a little girl getting attacked.
‘’Uncle uncle uncle!’’ he bit his lip.
‘’Sorry, it’s just fighter instinct.’’ I let him go.
‘’Geez, you trying to rip this arm off?’’ he huffed.
‘’Like you need it. Your always laying on the couch,’’ I taunted.
‘’That’s my home right there!’’ he protested.
‘’I know. You charge people money for it,’’ I rolled my eyes.
‘’Well..that couch is mine! He’s like family,’’ Jerry chucked me another ice pack.
‘’The couch has a gender?‘’ I laughed, my stomach cramping.
‘’Yes. And he loves it,’’ Jerry crossed his arms.
‘’Why does it have to be so hot?’’ I complained marching off to his car.
‘’I don’t know let me think..Hmm maybe cause it’s SUMMER?’’ Jerry gave me a look.
‘’I’m dying’’ I started fake choking.
‘’Guess your not gonna get ice cream then’’ Jerry raced over to the car.
‘’Noooooo! Let me in!’’ I shrieked banging on the doors.
‘’Loser!’’ he laughed evilly waving at me.
‘’I hate you!’’ I tugged at the car door. Jerry dangled the keys in the air and laid his legs on the dashboard.
‘’Come on!’’ I banged on the window.
He made a big production of pressing the button and letting me in. ‘’Only cause I’m the best brother in the world,’’ he grinned happily.
‘’Whatever you say,’’ I uncapped my water.
‘’Are you still getting me ice cream?’’ I gave him a puppy look.
‘’Duh. Like we’re gonna eat healthy. Who listens to those boxing coaches anyway?’’ Jerry grinned.
‘’Uh nobody,’’ I laughed buckling myself in.
‘’Except for those crazy body builder people’’ Jerry shuddered.
‘’With those muscles and everything,’’ I made a face.
‘’Yeah. Gross,’’ he shivered.
‘’Anyway, are you excited for summer? No school for a long time,’’ Jerry sped up.
‘’I guess. More time for boxing,’’ I shrugged.
‘’Boxing boxing boxing. You can do other stuff you know,’’ Jerry pulled into the parking lot.
‘’I know. Like teasing your older brother,’’ I pushed him.
‘’Or getting a boyfriend,’’ he kissed the air. I snorted and made a face. Gross..
‘’No thanks. I’ll stick to boxing,’’ I chugged some more water.
‘’Aw come on. You only live once. Your a kid. Trust me it goes downhill after you turn..eighteen,’’ Jerry bit his lip.
‘’But your eighteen,’’ I gave him a look.
‘’Exactly,’’ Jerry looked sad right then.
‘’Anyway let’s get ice cream, I’m about to die from heat exhaustion.’’ he unlocked the doors.
‘’Can I get large?’’ I asked.
“Sure. As long as your promise me to have fun this summer,’’ he held out his pinky.
‘’I promise,’’ I linked my pinky around his.
‘’Your not such a bad sister after all’’ Jerry wrapped a arm around me.
‘’I never was Jerry’’ I smirked at him.
‘’Um, I beg to differ’’ he snorted.
‘’And uh, your not such a bad brother either’’ I grinned back at him.
‘’I know. I’m not bad at anything’’ Jerry boasted again.
‘’Don’t kill it’’ I laughed.
‘’Race you to ice cream!’’ he jolted off toward the place. I laughed and easily brushed past him.
The only thing Jerry wasn’t good at, was running.
And occasionally boxing.
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