It is our choices who show what we truly are,far more than our abilities-J.K Rowling
Many might say “being gifted means to be awarded,have a talent or be blessed”but i think being gifted has another meaning.Many might disagree on this and others follow scared to be left out or pointed at saying “your taste is awful”but that is what i shall not do.we all know that if someone despises your taste it is their fall and your victory since you had the confidence to speak up!who cares what others think you were gifted to speak up to give your own opinion.As we all are once humiliated but who cares the person is showing their character the way they were brought up but the main thing is how you plan to show your self how your character is displayed.Anyway you learn and that is what matters.In my way being gifted IS BEING YOU.Not being a puppet or a person given matter what people say never lose hope god is with you and YOU ARE GIFTED!!!!!!!!!!!!.
and since this book lacks originality- a story to show you the truth.
The buzzing of children rings through my ears.I walk through the crowded hallways.My eyes scan the crowd spotting Ace,his copper hair swishing about as he laughs.I want to walk up to him and say hi or something but unlike other girls i am not drop dead gorgeous plus i am not even modest about bieng pretty.
The bell rings in the hallways and everyone scurries to thier classes i run yowards my class unfortunately bumping into someone and falling face first.I get up in a hurry seeing Ace rubbing his hand but when he sees me his face turns to worry.
“are you okay?” he asks i nod as i walk away thankful of not hurting myself.
I run towards class and enter the open door.Mr Cray looks at me with a questioning look.I nervously tell that i bumped into a person and fell down.He nods understandingly and says “Just to repeat it for you Miss Peterson,we are having a math competition and whoever wins gets 100$ so i advise all of you to take part in it.I sigh sadly at how much bad i am in maths,another failure.
I stay up all night for this competition making sure i now everything and then the alarm rings 7:45.i hastily get up and put on a pair of faded jeans and a peach top,brushing my teeth.I run downstairs grabing a protien bar as i rush out.
As i enter the school i see Ace again but this time he looks back and smiles,i look confused as i walk towards Mr Cray’s class.I enter in time right when the tests are given out. “ah Miss. Peterson,you are right in time.take a seat”he says.I silently sit on a seat at the back as the sheets are handed out.....
after the test
I happily skip out as i know i knew all the answers.The day is gonna go smoothly until the announcements.well i thought it would go smoothly.
I see myrtel and her gang of chimps (imagine those bullies as hairy chimps saying ooh oh ah aha xD) snickering at the sight of me.I know one thing i am not pretty and that is a fact.
Myrtel sashays up to me with her pink chimps behind her, with a snap of her fingers i am surrounded.I gasp as she slaps me clear cut on my face with such power i could tear up in a thousand shards of glass.
A tear slowly trickles down my face as she leans in “tell me lena what is your place in this school?”
I wince at her cold prickly breath as it touchs my skin. “well let me tell you this YOU.ARE.NOTHING so stay that way” her sickly voice pronounces.
I nod as she sashays facial expressions showing fear.A four lettered word but yet so horrific.
the announcement
“starting from the descending order miss Catelyn Pirkins” the announcer speaks.
I stand with the whole school in the assembly area waiting for the winners to be handed out the trophies.
“second position is secured by Rudolf Martin and the last but not least first position goes to...”
my brow sweats as i wish for winning and at last it happens “Miss lena peterson” i squeal with delight.
knowing one thing “never let anyone tell you that you are nothing since you are a gem which cannot be found in all the universe so be you and stay you since bullies never succeed as they are cowards and there is no need toi be afraid or to stop your dreams because of cowards” :-)
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