~why fit in when you were born to stand out?~
An Echo Of Falling Snow
Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful
‘’That was terrible!’’ Sam crowed putting his hands over his ears.
I finished plucking the strings and put my guitar down anxiously.
Well he coulda been a little more nice. Sheesh.
‘’Was it really that bad?’’ I glanced up at Cal who was rubbing his neck awkwardly.
He put his hands up and shrugged slightly.
‘’Oh come on!’’ I laughed.
‘’Look. Do you want my real opinion?’’ Cal crossed his legs and pressed his fingertips together.
I knew he was mimicking Kevin from Shark Tank.
‘’Uh duh go on,’’ I waved him on my heart thumping.
‘’It was pretty bad. I..uh, I turned off my hearing aids,’’ he admitted.
I watched his cheeks grow the brightest pink and then it spread to his neck.
I made my older brother who was impaired turn off his hearing aids..
‘’It sounded like two cats being dragged down to be killed by this huge tiger-‘’ Sam interrupted.
I stuck my tongue out at him and balled up a napkin, chucking it at his peanut sized head.
‘’You guys are the worst brothers ever!’’ I crossed my arms.
‘’C’mon Bianca. We’re just telling the..truth,’’ Cal started texting someone quickly.
His fingers were literally flying across the words.
I saw him reach for the heart emoji but thought better.
‘’Oooh who’s that? Is it Ellie?’’ Sammy leaned over the screen making kissing noises.
‘’Ooh who’s Ellie?’’ I marched over and leaned my shoulder on Cal while he texted.
‘’She’s just a friend,’’ he blushed.
‘’Sureee. That’s what they all say right Bianca? Right?’’ Sam nudged me in the ribs.
I winced and nodded along with him.
‘’Cal and Ellie sittin in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g! First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes a baby in a baby carriage!’’
We both crooned together, while I clutched a book in my hand as a microphone.
‘’Ugh you guys are so annoying. And fine, maybe I do like her-‘’
I started howling and threw myself onto his back. Sam did the same and we ended up as a sandwich.
‘’What do you think I should say to her?’’ he finally croaked out.
I paused to think for a real answer but Sam loudly blurted out about asking her out.
‘’How about, I think you’re really cool?’’ I tried.
‘’I guess,’’ Cal trailed over to the window and squinted, rubbing the frost around.
That was Code for: No.
I tried to see what he was checking out, but his breath puffed out the once clear window.
‘’There’s a realtor. She’s putting the Sold sign on guys,’’ he turned back to us.
‘’Maybe it’s Ellie,’’ I nudged my brother who playfully shoved me away.
The lady was tall and tan, with huge heels. She lightly tacked the sign on and turned away.
That quick.
‘’Neighbors! We should go egg their house,’’ Sam cackled evilly.
I rolled my eyes and picked up my guitar sliding it onto my leg, stroking the tight strings.
It was still as slick as the first day I had gotten it.
‘’Well hey look at the time. Bye,’’ Cal quickly ditched me and my little brother left.
I laughed and shook my head, staring outside the window.
Small little snowflakes were falling softly onto the window, blurring the SOLD sign into just another city light.

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