For the April 2018 Challenge
An Ode to Life
All bold text (This and the bold text at the end) are not part of the poem, so this has exactly 4o lines of poetry - Note: the brackets are whispers.
Can sometimes have strife.
We habitually give up in life.
Why, why does it have to be this way?
Only the smartest
Only the strongest
Only the greatest - can persevere.
We can rise from the ashes.
We can stop the enemies’ clashes.
We can all pass our classes - (with exceeding marks.)
We can save this planet from the gases -(which we pollute and create everyday...)
We can rise from the ashes...
It might seem impossible first,
But we can all become versed
(In our passions - our passions...)
We can create an empire.
Anything, we can acquire.
We will put out the enraging fire.
We can become happy...
We shall never surrender!
Even if our wounds are devilishly tender!
Why should we surrender?
Is it because we have a daunting contender?
Or is it because we have attenders?
(Watching you - In the theatre? Or the TV...?)
That feeling you get - you’d be nervous.
We can climb the highest mountain!
Lets’ spray our confidence like a fountain!
You are accountin’ (Whether you would have a good life.)
What makes you precious, life?
What makes you precious...
Is that you end.
Time is precious!
So be generous!
Don’t be found,
Just lounging around!
Get up!
And turn your life around...
The End
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