Book 1 of the Andora Series
The Silverstone Locket
Coronation Day
Please rise for the new queen of our great country Tangkal... please rise for the new queen of our great country Tangkal...
“Please rise for the new queen of our great country Tangkal!” The whole room burst out with cheering as these words were uttered from the mouth of the previous Saolai, or queen, of Tangkal. The new ruler was so very nervous, and those words had echoed in her mind for weeks before the coronation.
“Lilly, my daughter, congratulations.” Her mother spoke softly to Lilly, for she knew of her shyness.
“May I be escorted out now?” Lilly asked, clutching at the locket hanging on her neck.
“You’re the Saolai; you may do what you like.” Her mother smiled kindly. Lilly returned the warm smile, and left with two escorts to her stately chambers.
“This is not my suite,” Lilly told the escorts when they opened the double doors for her. They looked at each other, and then back at Lilly.
“This is the Saolai’s chambers, Your Highness. We had your belongings moved from your old bedroom.”
“Oh.” Lilly knew this was the custom, but was just very shaken up from being the center of attention for the entire country.
Once alone in her new residence, the young queen walked to her balcony and looked out over the vast jungle landscape. She had an even better view of the land that was now her privilege, and responsibility, to rule over. The breathtaking view took her nervousness away as well, and her hand slowly descended from the silverstone heart locket that she cherished so dearly.
After about a half hour, Lilly heard a knock on her door. It was her mother.
“How are you feeling, darling?”
“I feel better after breathing some fresh air. When my escorts brought me up here, I completely forgot that I was to be brought to the Saolai’s chambers. You have all your things, I hope?” Lilly’s mother smiled.
“I do. It’ll be strange, leaving Sol.” Her mother sighed wearily.
“You don’t have to leave, mother!” Lilly responded, afraid of being alone in the massive Castell Sol, with all of the governmental paperwork to take care of.
“If I don’t leave, then you will hold back. You flourish with independence; I know that.” Lilly was on the verge of tears.
“I’ll miss you, mother.” With that, she hugged her mother and wouldn’t let go.
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