Talk about an unlikely friendship
Angeline and Blue
Before Angeline got to know Blue, she had her life all planned out. When she grew up, she would start her very own lettuce farm. She would adopt two girl bunnies as daughters. She would have lots of friends in her village, from chipmunks to chimpanzees, from panthers to puffins, from hippos to hedgehogs. Everything would go perfectly, and she would never have to worry about foxes again.
Being a bunny, Angeline was inclined to be afraid of foxes. Even though she had gone to to see “Zootopia,” she was still determined to stay away from them. Especially Blue, who was, in her opinion, the most terrible fox in the world. The two of them had always been around each other; they were in the same class at school. They even lived in the same neighborhood, although Angeline never told anyone about that. At first, she had tried to make friends with Blue, weird as he was. But he pushed her away, like he wanted to be alone. Hurt, Angeline decided she was better off without him. She made lots of new friends. She became very popular. She had friends everywhere. Except for the lonely corner in the lunchroom occupied by Blue.
Since the two shared a block, Angeline knew that he had no parents to speak of. Her mama told her that Blue’s father had left him because Blue became very sick. His mother had contracted the illness, too, and Blue’s father didn’t want to risk it. Unfortunately, his mother had died, and Blue recovered alone. Ever since, he’d been living way off in the woods, down a path on the piece of land where his house should be. No one ever ventured down the well-worn trail that lead to... well, no one really knew what was back there.
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