A Kidnapped child. Still lost, 14 years on
The Party Goes on
Quinn stood in the corner of the party half drunk, the Sally been topping her up all night. She feels guilty leaving Anne in the house. She’s a hopeless little 6 month old, if she told the other moms in her group they would be ashamed. She wouldn’t have to tell them. No it’s Sally’s fault. She didn’t want any children at the party, she claimed it was ‘_a adult party to celebrate her husbands sucess_, a adult party‘.
Over on the patio Quinn’s husband James with Sally. Practically finding themselves a honeymoon, that fool. Was it because Quinn is suffering the baby blues? Does James want new life? No it’s Sally. Evil person. The fact that Sally’s husband was not doing anything about was making Quinn sick. Or maybe they were just talking. Like normal people do. She walks over to James.
‘It’s getting late.’ Quinn said.
‘Just last one.’ James said raising his glass.
Quinn sighed, ‘ I’m going to go I should of checked on Anne at one.’
James’ eyes glistened angrily. Were they going to argue now? In front of the neighbours?
‘It’s not that late’ Sally giggled. Her face was sickening for Quinn to even look at. Sally was beautiful; long hair, slim, and her big eyes. Quinn where as had baby fat, short brunet hair, and small.
‘It is for me I have to feed the baby in the morning.’ Quinn said steaming with anger.
Sally replied in a jokester tone, ‘Poor you.’ This made Quinn sick. Sally was childless by choice. Quinn fought back the tears. James noticed and went over to Quinn and kissed her head.
‘Let’s go’ he said softly, Sally was on the verge of laughing.
‘Next time we will be the hosts’ said Quinn grinning ‘and you can come where our child lives in our house with us. And I hope she spoils your night.’
They walked next door grinning to each other.
But something’s wrong.
Their doors unlocked. Quinn looks around in shock. ‘I’m sure I lock - locked it.’ She exclaims.
She rushes upstairs, Annes their, she’ll be their. Like always. Sleeping in her mint green onesie. Quinn turns to unlock the doors ajar though.
Quinn’s head snaps round. She screams...
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