A world with with technology as THe ultimate weapon
TECH Inc—Ashley
Close your eyes and try to imagine a world where freedom is non-existent. A world where technology controls your life. Objection is punishable by death. One mistake and you’re done for. You don’t have the right to vote because there will always be only one person in charge and one person only. Oh, and the thought of leaving is simply out of the question.
Any normal person would stay out of trouble. Any normal person wouldn’t fight back for the freedoms that were so wrongfully taken from us. Normal people don’t let themselves think about change.
Good thing I’m not normal.
In the year 2745, the owner of TECH Inc, Doctor John Avail, discovered a way to replace normal limbs for robotic body parts for disfigured people without permanently damaging their physical structure. THe pros were too high for everyone not investigate. People from across the globe purchased these advanced and highly useful gadgets. Now you have to understand that humans from the beginning have preferred short-cuts and cheats instead of taking the longer and more efficient rout in any circumstance imaginable. Scientists had reported that according to their research, these unwanted mutations and defects in human growth were because of simple things like eating habits, drug abuse, and global warming that, with time and effort, could be changed for the better more permanently. Even Doctor Avail himself admitted this to the public.
But humanity didn’t listen. They were desperate for quick and easy ways to fix their problems.
After Avail died, his son took over the family business and found a way to make robots that required little money to manufacture. He also found a way to surgically insert a tiny chip into a normal person’s brain to make them smarter in memorization. Everyone jumped at the chance to have their own robot working for them in their own home. Who wants to do chores when you can have a machine do it for you? Need someone to look after the kids for an afternoon? Robots have got you covered. Don’t want to buy a car but still want to impress your date without having a third wheel? Buy a robot. They’ve got you covered.
By the time Doctor Avail’s son died in 2821, the company’s human-like machines became so popular that for every 1 human, there existed 2 robots. and 1 out of every 20 humans had a chip surgically inserted into their brain or a robotic limb.
Humanity had become so obsessed with this technology from the magical company known as TECH Inc. They put so much trust in the people who owned it.
Too much trust.
On October 21, 2863 (the year after I was born), the new owner of TECH Inc turned on us. In the years prior, he and his father, who was the owner before him had programmed the robots that had been created in the last 20 years and everyone with the chip in their brain to go rouge, changing civilized people and harmless robots into destructive, mindless, virtually indestructible killing machines. Humans had to hide from the very robots they’d paid money for just to survive.
As for the humans who were stupid enough to get robotic body parts or have chips put in their brain, well, they went rouge to. They went insane, some needing to abandon their fathers, mothers, and children behind to be safe from their now dangerously harmful relatives. I can’t imagine the heartbreak those individuals went through. The families that were rich enough moved to remote areas to keep the crazy family member hidden. Those families had to have a room separate from the house built to keep that one person from hurting anyone, including themselves.
For a little while, we were so helpless and confused and we didn’t know what to do, the time became known as the Second Dark Age and the name fit perfectly.
This is the story of the boy who saved the world from destroying itself.
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