They know. They all know. Every single person in this town.
I can’t stay here. I could be put in jail for life, or killed. I have to run. It’s my only chance.
I consider packing something, but it would be too perilous. I have to escape very swiftly, or I don’t escape at all.
I look at the clock. Midnight. I surround myself in my mother’s black robe and pull my blonde hair into a bun, covering it with a dark veil.
I catch one last glimpse of my brother Samuel, but I quickly turn away.
To keep myself from crying, I tell myself this is for his best. If I stay, he will be tormented for the rest of his life. Maybe if I get away soon, I can spare him his dignity.
I turn the knob and slowly open the door. It is pitch black outside; barely anything is visible. I quietly walk down the side of the pavement, hoping I’m going the right way.
The air has an eerie essence to it, causing me to shiver every time I inhale.
Headlights appear behind me, a car just rising on top of the hill. I smack onto the ground as they drive past me, without a sign of seeing me.
After they’re out of sight, I scan the area one more time and continue walking.
Suddenly it hits me. I don’t know where I’m going. All I know is that I’m walking right out of my life. Once I’m gone, I’ll have a different home, a different name, a different everything.
My life is going to change one hundred percent if I don’t want to be caught.
I won’t tell anyone who I am. I can say my parents died when I was very young. No one knows my name, so I go by Anonymous. I have no story. All my life I’ve been wandering around, going on trains, traveling everywhere, not knowing a meaning to life.
And a few days later, when I exited a train I hopped on and arrived at a town far from mine, that’s exactly what I told a boy named Toby.

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