Another Poppy
Poppy Brown #1 (aka: poppy dirt)
I am essentially what people would call normal. Average.What people would call, unnoticeable. I have red hair that might stick out, but has faded, and looks, bland. I lived my whole life in my mopey dopey town of Maple Falls, and am currently going to Lincoln High with my best friend. Summer.
Summer was anything but average. She was outgoing, pretty, smart, athletic, nice, and what people could call perfect. In other words, basically the opposite of Poppy. She could easily be popular, but she chose not to be. “Too much things to worry about. Life’s too short too be wasted on something like that.” Summer would say.
That’s one of the many things I like about Summer.
Also, she’s like my shield.Summer’s basically friends with the entire grade, and teachers, of all kinds, love her. So, whenever I’m with her, I don’t get picked on, due to the fact that Summer does not let them.
And, she’s fun. She’s sassy, bold, and, the perfect friend. Here’s a picture of us making lemonade for a lemonade stand. You can guess whose idea that was!
The quiet freckled redhead, that’s me, and the pretty jet black haired girl talking is Summer.
Every girl needs a spot for herself, and mine is the poppy garden. My mom loves poppies. They are her favorite flower. So she named me poppy, and when my mom and dad moved in this house, they used most of the backyard to plant poppies. When I go there, my worries lift up, for a moment at least, and I can relax. Like the meaning of poppies-peace. The flower also means sleep, and death. I personally don’t really like the meaning. Peace is fine but sleep and death? Um, no.
Anyways, I wasn’t happy with my life, and that’s a fact. But, it wasn’t that horrible.
That is, until the other Poppy came.

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Poppy Brown #2 (aka Poppy gold)

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