What would you do if you could be a master thief... For just one day
Another Year Another Crime
Me? A girl.
My name? It’s not important.
What is important is my talent.
What is my talent? Crime.
I noticed it the first day of kindergarten. I took a girl’s pink coat button and never got caught. I keep that button in my pocket now, for good luck. But then I realized I can only be a thief on a specific day... the first day of school! To come to this realization, it took many failed attempts at crime. And maybe a few trips to the principal’s office. And maybe a few handwritten apology notes. And a few out of school suspensions. And... well, you get the idea. Let’s just say the first day of school is a good one for me.
On the first day of first grade, I snatched an expensive glass figurine from my teacher’s desk. It’s an ivory colored bear stuffing his face with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I keep it on top of my desk, where it watches me do my homework.
In second grade, I stole some kid’s backpack. And it was full of stuff! And I never got caught. (The teacher got the blame.)
In third, I stole all the soft pretzels from the cafeteria. There were five hundred! And I just stuffed them in my bag, casually yet speedily.
I couldn’t go to school on the first day of fourth grade; it was my cat’s funeral. But, I did steal my mom’s favorite diamond ring that day and no one found out. The next day when I went in to school, I tried stealing the teacher’s jar of stickers, but I just got in trouble.
On the first day of fifth grade, I took my crush’s notebook. I found out that he likes one of my best friends... too bad she hates him. (And has a boyfriend)
In sixth grade, I swiped the teacher’s wallet right out of his pants pocket! And I didn’t get anything but two hundred dollars and twenty two gift cards to the wart remover store. (Ew!?)
In seventh, I took one of the janitor’s keys to the school.
This year, for eighth, I have a big plan. One that took eight years to plan and that could get me expelled from the entire school. Luckily, the first day is quickly approaching and I’m ready...
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