The sixth book in the Illusiomancer series! (Illusiomancer, Pyromancer, Aviomancer, Necromancer, Botanimancer) Told by Natalia.

Chapter 1: Where are the parachutes?
Chapter 2: You... you came!
Chapter 3: Shut up and step back
Chapter 4: That’s... that’s good
Chapter 5: I feel like I’ve been flash-mobbed {KAT}
Chapter 6: I said forget it
Chapter 7: No more tackling, okay?
Chapter 8: Yes or no?
Chapter 9: Everything’s fine
Chapter 10: If you can’t help us, then you’re useless
Chapter 11: You may start to question what’s real...
Chapter 12: Amazing
Chapter 13: This guy saved our lives
Chapter 14: What are they wanting you to do?
Chapter 15: I just don’t know
Chapter 16: God, he can talk {EMMA}
Chapter 17: It’s Nicole
Chapter 18: I’m not leaving here without you
Chapter 19: You made the right call {KAT}
Chapter 20: Can you hack?
Chapter 21: No promises, okay?
Chapter 22: Remember that
Chapter 23: Is this the emotional link?
Chapter 24: That’s not how magic works!
Chapter 25: What goes in the closet stays in the closet
Chapter 26: Ugh, why are all the hot ones straight? {WILL}
Chapter 27: I always keep my promises
Chapter 28: What are you hiding, Thomas?
Chapter 29: Hug for being alive?
Chapter 30: I’m literally right here
Chapter 31: He can’t have this sort of control over you {WILL}
Chapter 32: Which god?
Chapter 33: That went... surprisingly well.
Chapter 34: What are you talking about?
Chapter 35: He made things impossible
Chapter 36: So much for secret
Chapter 37: Who else would I ask to put a bullet in my brain?
Chapter 38: You can either help me or get out of my way
Chapter 39: I don’t want to hurt you
Chapter 40: Can I please have my daughter back? {MAY} [Epilogue]

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