Show them all you’re not the ordinary type
Where are the parachutes?
Will dropped to his knees, gripping the arm of the chair. There was a low growl from behind me and I turned around to see Kat fully Jotunn, lightning crackling in her hands. She cast her hand out towards Alastair and purple energy streamed from her fingertips, hitting him square in the chest.
Kat glanced at me and tapped her ear. I got the signal and created a mind link, reaching out to my friends and connecting all of us.
“I can help him,” Zara said quickly. “I can go into a trance. Une minute, s’il vousplait.”
She closed her eyes, one hand going to her crucifix as operatives surged forwards. There were shouts of tas and other words, and golden ropes appeared out of nowhere, twisting towards us.
“Tas!” Emma yelled, and silver ropes appeared and zipped towards random operatives.
An operative came forward with a short sword and I blocked his strike, twisting forward and swiping forwards. Kat and I were neck and neck, both of us trying to get to Will and Thomas before someone thought to kill Thomas.
I’m in control, Kat told me quickly, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I cut a path forward, my swords never stopping for a moment. Her spear was in her hands and those who she didn’t blast she went through.
That’s good to know, I muttered, and she flashed me a grin before moving closer to the brothers.
Wake up Thomas, I ordered. That’s the priority.
Kat glanced at me hesitantly. Right.
“Sam!” Liz called, and I turned around to see Zara on the floor leaning against the wall, unconscious. “Cover me!”
“Got it!” Sam moved forward, stepping in front of both of them, and when I turned back to the front I saw Alastair slowly getting to his feet.
I’ve got him. You get Thomas, okay?
I noticed that Thomas’s fingers were moving even though he was unconscious, and I frowned. Morse code.
Wake me up.
I managed to get into the inner circle and Nicole and May flew up above us, shooting arrows and spears of light at anyone who came close.
Grabbing Thomas’s shoulders, I tried shaking him, and Alastair laughed, a syringe in his hand.
“That’s not going to work, I’m afraid,” he sighed, and Kat appeared from behind him, her eyes so cold they could’ve frozen him into a solid block of ice. “You see, it’s quite a powerful drug. He needs a counter measure, a Starter.”
He held up the syringe and I glared at him.
“Do you think I’m stupid?” I growled, stepping in front of Thomas protectively. “I know which colour’s which. That’s a Sleeper.”
I looked at Kat. If Thomas gets injected with another Sleeper, his heart beat will slow down to a stop.
She nodded, showing she understood, and swiped at his neck with her spear. Alastair ducked and jabbed the Sleeper into her arm. Kat staggered back, gritting her teeth as she struggled to stay awake.
“Whoops,” Alastair said as Kat gripped the edge of the table, her eyes beginning to close. “My bad.”
He picked up another Sleeper and took a step towards Thomas. I swept my swords towards him, one going for his neck and the other going for his stomach. Alastair grabbed the blades, which didn’t cut him, but they shattered the syringe and he sighed as he looked down at his hand. There weren’t many Sleepers left now.
I stared at him in confusion as he swung his fist down towards my stomach, connecting so hard I heard something crack. I stumbled back into Thomas’s chair when I thought about contacting Liz.
Liz, I need help!
No answer.
She’s asleep, Nicole answered. Unconscious. We don’t know what she’s doing.
I saw Zara lying next to a silver scythe inscribed with glowing purple runes. A Valkyrie stepped towards Will, her long blonde hair in a single braid down her back.
Zara reached out and weakly grabbed her leg. The Valkyrie turned slightly and kicked her in the stomach, and that was when I recognized her.
“Arlya!” I yelled, and the Valkyrie I’d met in Asgard turned to look at me, her eyes wide.
“You’re here for him, aren’t you?” She asked, gesturing towards Will. A golden copy of my friend formed above his body and he looked down in confusion.
What’s going on? He asked, glancing over his shoulder at Thomas.
“I’m here to take you to Valhalla,” Arlya said kindly, extending a hand towards him. Will tried to step back, but he couldn’t move his legs. “You would be a great addition to Odin’s army.”
Will looked at me, his eyes wide. Am I dying?
“Of course not,” Arlya said with a light laugh, and I realized something - this wasn’t the voice she had used while talking to me or to other people. This was... Arlya was flirting. “You’re already dead.”
Zara slowly stood, her hand pressed against her ribs. I noticed she was wearing a black robe, similar to what the Dark Ones wore, and I saw a sword going for May in slow motion.
Actually, now that I realized it, everything was in slow motion. May turned and kicked the operative’s hand, forcing the sword out of their hand.
“Just let me take you there,” Arlya coaxed, and Will froze. “There’s nothing to be scared of, William.”
His eyes flashed angrily. Don’t call me William.
Will’s voice was ice cold, seemingly several degrees below freezing. Arlya stepped back, surprised at his tone, and Zara swung the scythe-
Ouch. That was going to hurt.
Arlya dropped and Will turned to look at Zara, who leaned heavily on the silver weapon. She staggered and collapsed, the purple runes slowly fading.
“Liz,” she murmured, and I immediately ran forwards. She held out the silver crucifix and whispered, “Eternal.”
Purple fire flared within the black stone and she held it out with trembling hands.
“Take it,” she ordered, gritting her teeth in pain. I looked down and saw the hilt of a Valkyrie dagger protruding from her stomach and my eyes widened as I looked at Arlya.
Sure enough, the dagger strapped to every Valkyrie’s arm was missing.
Don’t worry about me, Will said quickly, looking at Thomas. Wake him up. Get him out of here alive. Please.
Zara shook her head. “You are... you’re important, Will. You’re our friend. I want you to... to live...”
I’m already gone, Will reminded her, and he hesitated before putting his hand on Thomas’s shoulder. You’re not. Go. Save the ones who you can save. Let me go.
“Not an option,” I said, and Zara put the crucifix in my hand.
I gasped as memories flooded my mind, thousand of years of death and destruction. Red rocks, white clouds, marble, fire, dead woman, dead man, golden spirits-
I blinked, trying to go back to that memory - which was from Zara’s perspective. Her sister, Odette, and how she tried to save my step-dad.
Why wouldn’t she tell me?
When I looked down at her, she was only half conscious. She gripped my hand weakly and looked me dead in the eye.
“You need to touch him,” she told me quietly, “with the scythe. Do it. Do it now.”
“Liz,” Zara warned, her eyes going to Will, who was beginning to dissolve. “We don’t have much time left. I’ll be fine and I’ll always be there for you.”
I nodded, and when I stepped forward I nearly tripped over a large pair of black wings. My eyes widened and I looked around at the Angels of Death, the Valkyries, the normal looking people - my new memories told me they were reapers.
When I picked up the scythe, purple runes glowed down it’s length. I went over to Will and touched the point of the scythe against his chest, and then there was a bright flash and I woke up.
“Zara, wake up!” Liz pleaded, shaking Zara’s shoulders. “You promised me, Zara. You promised you’d be there for me! Breathe, Zara, come on, please just breathe for me-“
Will’s eyes flew open and he grabbed Alastair’s wrist, his eyes hard and his breathing shallow. Alastair looked down at him and his mouth curled into a smile.
“You tried,” he said, bending down and jabbing the needle into Will’s arm. I watched in horror as Will’s eyes closed again, and as Alastair took the last Sleeper I swiped my sword towards it and it shattered.
Alastair turned slightly to look at me, and I held out my hand, ready to hit someone, when suddenly a Starter flew over to me.
A sharp pain flared on my left wrist and I looked down, seeing a second black tattoo - Kinetomancer, with the image of a scientifically drawn atom, protons and neutrons in the middle and electrons on the outer rings.
I plunged it into Thomas’s arm and he immediately opened his eyes, which were a bright gold, and I knew it wasn’t Thomas.
Loki looked down at Will, and his eyes widened. “Oh, God. Apollo! May!”
May was at the farthest corner of the room, against several Ondska operatives at once. Apollo was briefly free, and he managed to make his way over, breathing hard.
Apollo took an arrow from his quiver and broke the golden ropes on his wrists and ankles. Loki opened his mouth and green light flew from Thomas’s throat, which I thought was kinda disgusting, but then again I used to kill people for a living, so...
The light became sand before changing into a liquid, easily switching from state to state as it grew into a person’s form, and suddenly Loki appeared in a bright green flash.
Thomas blinked a few times, looking down at his hands in confusion as Loki and Apollo knelt down in front of Will.
“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Apollo said quickly, staring Loki dead in the eye. “You’re going to heal him.”
“I don’t know how!” Loki said hopelessly, his hands trembling slightly. “I’ve never done this before-“
“I’ll help you through it,” Apollo promised, grabbing Loki’s hand and pressing it against Will’s chest. “Focus on me, okay? Just focus on my words.”
He began helping Loki through the healing process as Alastair glowered at Thomas.
“You,” he hissed, and Thomas turned towards him, hatred in his eyes. “I’m going to kill you, Mr di Siva. Just like how I killed your brother.”
Thomas looked down at Will, like he was just realizing he was there, and his eyes widened.
“No,” he muttered, putting a hand on Will’s neck, feeling for a pulse. “No, he’s - he’s still breathing, he’s not gone-“
“She’s not breathing,” Liz told Nicole, her eyes full of fear. “Nicole, she’s not breathing!”
Kat! I yelled, and she looked over at me. Zara!
She looked over at Zara and grabbed a Starter from the table, making her way through the crowd of Ondska operatives.
Loki’s hands glowed gold as Apollo whispered encouragement, and Will’s breathing became more regular.
The doors at the back of the room opened and more operatives flooded us, the sea of black.
There was a loud shattering sound, the sound of glass breaking, and Will opened his eyes as water rushed into the room.
He froze and Loki sat back on his heels, exhausted.
“Will?” he asked nervously.
Will didn’t seem to hear him. He looked down at the water as it rose up to his chest, his eyes wide and his breathing shallow.
“Thomas,” he muttered, and his brother looked down at him in relief. “Tom, I need to go, I have to get out of here-“
“I’ve got you,” Thomas told him, looping one of Will’s arms around his shoulders. “It’s okay, Will. It’s going be okay, you’re going be fine, you hear? You’re going be fine, just stay with me Will, stay with me-”
“Will, what’s wrong?” I asked, and he didn’t answer.
Loki put Will’s other arm over his head. “Panic attack.”
How the hell could I have missed that?
You see, when I was in high school, I hated public speaking with a passion. I hated speeches, and giving reports and presentations and Drama. Every night before the Big Day I would have a panic attack - and yet somehow I’d failed to see that Will was having one now.
Guy got stabbed in the back, that’d cause anyone to start panicking.
Something didn’t feel right. I didn’t think it was just that; something else was going on. Maybe Alastair had gotten to him, talking about their father, and I wondered what had happened. Maybe I’d ask them about it later.
Thomas and Loki pulled Will between them, who was half-conscious, and Zara’s eyes opened slowly.
“Que se passe-t-il?” she murmured, and Liz didn’t waste any time. She grabbed Zara’s arm and put it around her shoulders, taking her down the hall.
Alastair threw a Starter in my direction and I caught it in one hand without turning around. Kinetomancy, like... kinetic energy? Motion; controlling the motion of objects?
So now I could control objects and living things.
I grinned. This should be fun.
Guys, we need to go! Kat shouted over the mind link, and Emma stood in the doorway with the crook and flail.
I’ll block them, she told us, and we all made out way over to the doorway from opposite ends of the room.
We all backed out into the corridor and the water surged up, making a wall of water two feet thick once we were all through.
Kat stepped forward, pressing her hands against the wall. Ice spread over the surface of the water as several operatives crashed into it.
“We don’t have much time,” she warned, turning back to her Aesir self. She took a deep sigh of relief when she thought no one was watching. “We need to go.”
Thomas and Loki looked at her, Will in between them.
“We can’t get him out of it,” Loki told us, as Will’s breathing quickened, his eyes wide. “He’s not... he’s not answering.”
“Let him sit against the wall,” Kat suggested, walking over as they lowered Will to the floor. She knelt down in front of him where he could clearly see her. “I’ve got this. Hopefully it won’t be long.”
“I’m not leaving him,” Thomas said firmly, and I looked at the wall which was beginning to crack.
“They’ll all come through that door soon,” I warned, and the others hesitated. “You guys need to go. We’ll meet you in the main entrance. Go!”
“But-“ May began, and Thomas cut her off with a look.
“We’ll be fine,” he promised, and they reluctantly started down the corridor.
Kat grabbed Will’s forearms. “It’s going to be okay. Just look at me, alright?”
He nodded quickly, his eyes full of fear. “I...”
“Look at me,” Kat said, her voice quiet. “Just focus on me. I’m here. Thomas is here. Natalia’s here.”
“Tom,” Will murmured, and Thomas bent down in front of him.
“Hey, Will,” Thomas greeted, and Will’s eyes found him.
“You’re alive,” he whispered. “You’re alive...”
“So are you,” Thomas reminded him, and Will’s breathing began to even out.
Will nodded slowly. “Right. I’m... right. Okay. We need... we need to go, right? We need to go.”
Kat half-smiled and pulled him upright, Thomas taking his other arm. I watched as cracks spread across the ice wall.
“You need to go in front,” I told her, brandishing my swords. “I’ll follow after you guys, hold them off. Make your way to the entrance. Go!”
She nodded and started down the corridor, only to stop short. “Or we could go that way.”
I glanced around the corner and found the large hole going through the ceiling. “Well, there you go.”
Kat spread her wings, holding a hand out towards Will. “I promise I won’t drop you.”
He half-smiled and grabbed her hand. “I know.”
She gripped his forearm with her other hand and launched into the air, quickly disappearing from sight. Then there was a hand on my shoulder and I whirled around to see Apollo, golden wings spread out behind him.
“Thought you might need a lift,” he joked, his eyes full of worry. “Is Will okay?”
“He’s okay now,” I answered, reluctantly taking his forearm with both hands. “If you drop me - I don’t care if you’re a god - you’re dead.”
“Understood,” Apollo sighed, and Nicole touched down next to Thomas.
She grabbed his arm and he held on tight as she lifted him into the air. My fingers dug into Apollo’s arm as he flew upwards, and I closed my eyes as we went higher, feeling a strong wind pushing against me. For a second I felt myself slip-
Then my feet were on solid ground and I opened my eyes. We were on an airplane - oh, joy - and the hatch closed beneath our feet.
“Who’s flying?” I asked suspiciously.
Sam’s voice crackled over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to your first and hopefully last flight on Hephaestus Airways. Your exits are straight down. In case of emergency, please grab someone with wings and don’t sue us. Thanks.”
“I have another question,” I stated, looking around. “Where are the parachutes?”
“Under your seat,” Nicole responded.
I looked at the bench. “There are no seats.”
She grinned. “Then we’d better hope that Sam knows how to fly this thing.”
“Where are we going?” Will asked, looking out of the window.
“Ireland,” Sam informed us over the intercom. “We’re going to Ireland.”

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