we’re no longer safe
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Colby Predetti is an average girl on the outside, or she used to be. She wasn’t popular, or one to draw any attention to herself whats so ever. But anyone who takes a closer look will notice she’s different, very different.
On the outside she’s a girl that shuffles and squeezes through tightly packed hallways of her high school everyday, just like most. She’s a common faced girl, coffee brown hair, light blue eyes. Not someone who looks out of place. Colby’s name isn’t extremely common, but if you get out much, you’ve probably met someone with that name.
Her best friend is a mirror image of her, but looks different. Her name is Kylee Penn, the pieces of grass who don’t stick out, and don’t get trampled. Over all, not more than a handful of teens who attend Casper High really stick out. Only “pretty” cheerleaders and basketball players are popular, the rest of us are shadows.
Anyway Casper High is located in Casper, Wyoming. Yeah, maybe you’ve never heard of Wyoming, that’s understandable. Not a lot of people have. That’s why me, Colby Predetti, and my best friend Kylee Penn, are hiding here. Because we need to be hid, for now.
Anyway, this is my story, what I’m soon going to tell you is strange, very strange. But it is my story, so might as well tell it.
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