They will burn Ariden to ashes, unless we stop them
Ariden: The Land of Armies
The Ardinian Army
I ran through the cobbled streets, strapping my sword to my side. The desperation and need for an audience with the King must’ve been in my eyes, for not even Carnell gave me a hard time about coming at suppertime.
I ran through the halls and burst through the doors to find the entire royal family in my presence. I bowed hastily.
“Your Majesties, I hate to inform you, but I have recently received news that the Byans are marching towards us and are planning on attacking by sundown.”
King Josiah stood and looked to Queen Cwenhild with worry evident in both their eyes.
“Go gather the troops. Set up the dragons. We will send out the war signal.” His Majesty ordered. “I will get the castle secure.”
I nodded and bowed, leaving the room hastily.
As I left the castle, large horns bellowed out from the castle pillars.
The signal for war.
Carnell looked to me as I passed, his eyes widening.
“Sir!” he exclaimed. I turned to him. “Allow me to accompany you.” He said.
I shook my head, “I need you to spread the word. I will be at the training grounds just outside the walls.”
“Sir, why are we going to be outside the walls?”
“We aren’t the only inhabitants of this kingdom. We have some friends from the outside of the walls.” I said, turning and rushing off. “Spread the word!”
I ran calling Raymond and Roldan as I passed the dragon arena.
They rushed out, luckily still in their armor from training.
“Get the dragons and trainers ready! Meet at the outside training grounds.” I gasped.
They looked to each other, confused, then they heard the war alarms and recognition dawned on their faces.
“Yessir!” Roldan called, turning and whistling a shrill whistle that only a true trainer could have done.
The metal netted roof opened upwards and a flood of colors burst out as trainers and their dragons took to the air. I smiled at Roldan and Raymond, “Bring them to the training grounds-“
“Outside the walls. Got it!” Roldan said quickly and nodded.
I turned and ran off.
I made my way to the grounds, a large flat area with one small uprising where the leader would stand and give orders.
The elves had already arrived. A large mass standing at attention. A young female elf with her dirty blonde hair in a messy braid, stood shouting out orders to her people. Another elf stood beside her, he had curly golden hair. Both seemed to be the leaders of their army.
“They will burn Ariden to ashes unless we stop them!” The female elf was shouting out, “We cannot let them take us over. We won’t fail!”
The elves raised their bows and shouted out some ancient phrase in their native language.
“Edith,” the blonde elf pointed me out, “the King’s general is here.”
Edith looked over her shoulder to see me. Her face flushed pink and she hurriedly bowed.
“Hello sir. I’m Edith and this is Wylie.” She introduced the two of them.
“It’s good to meet you. Are the nymphs on their way?”
“Yes sir.”
“You don’t need to call me sir.” I said hastily.
“Nonsense,” Wylie stated, “although we may live in the forest, we still answer to the King and his men. You are our leader just as much as the rest of the army.”
Edith nodded. “Anyway, Kandi and Irwin have brought their people together and should be here,” a large crowd of Naidan water nymphs entered through the trees, Kandi and Irwin in the lead, “about now.” Edith finished with a sideways smile.
I greeted Irwin and Kandi with a bow. Both wore their tribal armor, helmets covering their white haired heads, and metal plates protecting their bodies.
“We feel honored to bring our assistance to your people.” Kandi said determinedly, “Our parents give you their best of wishes.”
“Sir, we’re here.” Roldan tapped my shoulder.
I turned around, “Where are the soldiers?”
“They’re coming still. As far as the dragon army though, we are all here and accounted for.”
“Thank you Roldan.”
Kandi cocked her head to the side.
“Your name is Roldan?” She asked.
Roldan nodded, his ears turning a bit red as he looked her over.
“Yes ‘m.”
Kandi smiled a bit, “My father’s name is also Roldan. It’s a good name for good men.”
With that, she turned with Irwin and her fellow Naidans. I smirked and looked to Roldan.
“She’s definitely something else huh Roldan?”
He simply nodded, still stunned.
I took my place on the ledge above the troops. With a large shout, Ariden’s army made entrance, a huge mass of men and women alike clad in armor and brandishing weapons of all sorts. They combined in with the elves and Naidans, their numbers conjoining into one large majority of warriors.
One large majority of wariors ready to defend their kingdom.
And I, William, was their leader.

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