the wisher
The small village of Richmond was no ordinary village. Most towns were occupied with mere humans, such as the poor kingdom of Dale or the luxurious metropolis known as Cressia. Richmond, however, did not occupy humans.
This town was the base of magic in the the whole world. Sure, there were a few witches and warlocks scattered throughout different places, however Richmond was where magic was trained and used most often. In Richmond, all children must go through a rigorous program which will train them to become skilled offensive magicians. From age eight to age seventeen they study and perfect their dangerous spells. When the child’s eighteenth birthday arrives they must partake on an eventful quest to take down a beast of the instructor’s choice with their magic. If the child returns victorious, they will be named the grand title of Spell-master.
Every child in Richmond looked forward to being Spell-master and slaying countless beasts with magic.
All except one.
The lake was glimmering and the bright blue sky reflected off the still water. A young woman lay beside the pond, basking in the sunlight. Her wavy brown hair shined in the sun’s gaze.
Suddenly a rabbit dashed nearby in her in a bush. The girl’s ears perked at the sound. She had elf hears highly sensitive to sound, as she was a forest elf.
She lived in Richmond, but loved to go to her hideaway in the woods. It was nice and calm here, away from her parents.
She could hear her parent’s voices in her head.
“Arna, you are going to train to become a Spell-master, even if you don’t like offensive spells!” Her father yelled.
“But Daddy I don’t want to hurt anyone!” Arna protested.
“It doesn’t matter. You are going to make up proud and master your magic.” Her mother would chime in.
Her parents were very strict and forced Arna to do everything they wanted, not what she wished to do.
Her father was on the High Counsel of the Tornthicket Counsel and he worked closely with Queen Mila, the most powerful magician in the whole world. Arna had no way to refuse the training, otherwise her father would report her to the Queen.
Her mother wasn’t as high power as her father however. She worked in the school and helped train young witches and warlocks of all kinds. Arna’s mother used to train her as well, before she grew out of the children’s training.
Arna indeed did not wish to harm any living creature, no matter how ferocious. Spells that harmed others did not suit her.
She wanted to protect and save others, not exterminate them.
Healing spells fascinated her. At the training school, she managed to find an old book in the library about the arts of defensive spells.
Knowing she wouldn’t be allowed to take it home, she torn out a few pages and secretly mastered the spells in her hideaway. So far she had learned spells on healing, higher resistance, and speed.
The young elf enjoyed her hidden practices much more than her regular training, which usually required her to spar with other students. The other day she had to duel a boy named Guston and he was far too strong for her. When the fight ended, Arna was left on the ground with a bloody nose and charred clothes from the fire spells he used often.
If anyone found out about her secret spell training she would be toast. Her parents had not grown suspicious of her leaving to go to her secret place yet, as they thought she went out to go to town.
Arna watched as the rabbit disappeared and it gave her an idea. She stood and felt the dirt beneath her feet. The wind ruffled her white dress.
She grabbed her staff from it leaning on a tree nearby. It was quite ornate and on the tip laid a shiny green crystal ball surrounded in gold. This served as the basis of most of her spells, as the power exploded from the magical orb. Magic from her hands wasn’t as powerful.
Arna closed her eyes and raised her staff to the sky. She imagined the rabbit dancing around. She slowly opened her eyes and a bright light blinded her.
When she recovered, to her delight, she saw a rabbit formulated out of green mist hopping around. It bounced off the water and gracefully flew around the trees. She giggled as it hopped.
Arna watched in wonder until suddenly the rabbit stopped nearby a bush. It looked worried about what was behind the leaves. She could hear slight sniffles.
Arna gripped her staff and quickly ran over to the bush. The magical bunny faded away. To her surprise, a small bird was laying in pain. One of it’s wings was badly damaged.
“Oh, dear, little one,” Arna chimed, “Seem to have fallen I see.”
She glanced around quickly to check that no one was looking. Seeing that the coast was clear, she quickly performed a spell of healing on the bird. Suddenly, it sprang up and chirped. It nodded at Arna as if saying thank you and flew off. She smiled and waved.
Arna heard a horn blow in the distance. She winced and suddenly remembered something. The young student wished she could disappear.
Today was her eighteenth birthday.
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