At least I thought he did
I had a perfect life, I had a boy friend, happiness, and family. I met with Tom about a two years ago. Tom said he really liked me in high school. I was really surprised because he was so handsome to like a ordinary girl like me!
Anyway we are now at Paris. I begged him for two month to come here! But it’s worth it. It is so beautiful.But the best thing was I was with Tom.We saw the Efel tower together.
“Betty, do you want a ice-cream?”
“Sure, there’s a store right there. I’ll go get two. You want strawberry?”
“Yep”tom said.
I had to wait 45 minunites. It was so crowded. But that was worth it. The ice cream was delicious. I thought’ Tom would love this.’ There was a loud cheering from across the street. so I crossed the street to have a look. There was a girl and a boy who was holding a red roses. Then I knew why there were lots of people there. the boy was proposing to the girl!
I remembered back then when Tom first approached to me with a rose and said” Here I want you to have this” And he gave me a rose And he singed. His voice sounded like angel’s. Then we were in love.
At least I thought he did.

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