We are haunted and hunted by Them.
Once, the world was good.
“Once upon a time.”
That’s how every happy story begins.
“And they lived happily, ever after.”
That’s how every happy story ends.
But my life; no. My life was not a story.
And it was anything but happy.
The world I live in, was once governed by mankind.
Man failed to care for the planet. They polluted the world; destroying terrains, one by one. Most humans wasted food and water, killing off those who were starving and in need.
Man failed to care. And that caused man’s downfall.
Now, our species is endangered. As our numbers grow smaller, we simply do whatever we can that pleases us.
It is an unspoken rule, that it is too late to care.
The planet is practically destroyed.
The Earth is perpetually warm.
The resources are extremely limited.
The people are limited.
So it was decided, that humans don’t have to care any longer.
From murder, to theft, we can do whatever we wish.
While the human population wanes, a population of bionic humans—as we now call them—increases. A little over a century ago, a creation of man, robots, took over.
All robots took advantage of man’s carelessness and arrogance, and began to destroy the human race.
They made our population drop from over ten billion humans, to approximately fifty thousand. There were at least 9,999,950,000 human casualties.
At a certain point, the bionic humans stopped. They stopped killing humans, and officially obtained power.
Man’s authority ceased.
This is history that every living human knows.
The bionic humans made a reserve for humans, where they allowed us to roam wild and free, letting us do everything, except leave.
These robots execute humans that venture too far out of human territory. To be more specific, they kill anyone who escapes the prison disguised as a city that they made for us.
The city is named Airemana.
No one knows why it was named that, but it was named by the bionic humans. They relocated every human being that they could find, bringing them to Airemana.
It was a domed city, with impenetrable walls and boundaries. No human could get out—alive.
Inside the city, it can be a nightmare.
There is crime everywhere, that is unpunished. People are killed, robbed, kidnapped—all sorts of things can happen. There is no force that brings justice.
Even the bionic humans don’t have rules or laws to enforce upon us regarding human affairs.
My job, being a mercenary, should be illegal in some ways. But, who cares?
Humans don’t.
I kill people for other people. I steal for other people. I lie for other people.
But, I make money and a living without punishment.
I don’t mind that at all.
But, by force of the bionic humans, for every human, there is what could be called a “cost for living”.
And that “cost” is paid once every month.
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