“She’s beautiful...” admired an old lady touching softly the golden hair of the new baby princess of Entopia. The queen didn’t flinch at the peasant touching her baby because Felicity belonged to the world. She’d care for everyone she pasts by. The sick and injured was her key to becoming who she wanted to be. “Marlin dear, i think enough had touched her for today. You don’t know how long her magic will last...” said the king slowly picking up Felicity flipping her blanket over her head. Marlin stood up slowly to turn to the peasants who were confused about the taking away of the baby.
“James we promised the people she belonged to the world. And the world to her...” moaned Marlin slowly taking a peek of beautiful Felicity.
“Silence! Withdraw from your bickering.” announced an old and battered woman slowly walking towards the baby.
“May no-one speak... I am Zelinia the queen of magic and also dreary. I shall make a accpetion instead of taking your pride and joy I shall make her magic last forever with my powers i will use the Rapunzel (a plant) to give the powers forever until a simple haircut. A snip a hair is led to death upon you... and me. You must’n let her expernce the out door world keep her shut in my tower. I will take care of her in the age of 4 and up. You may have her before the age of 4. If you do not appect this offer i shall give great harm for you and your kingdom coming!” Zelinia bowed and threw dust into the air disappearing. “Whats that for?” asked James picking up the blueness of the dust. “Its basically for drama...” mumbled Zelinia.
Marlin looked at her little angel and covered the blankets over her face.
“Maybe it’s better off hiding her...” and Hide her they did. For Felicity’s whole life in the palace she was alone and hidden. Instead of going to normal school was in palace private school. Where she was the only student. She stayed away from sharp items and often wore thick clothes to avoid the dangerous items.
Experiencing life for Felicity was nothing but hard core. Her parents were quiet nervous about Zelinia coming back to take their child so instead they decided no matter what Felicity will be theirs. Only as they hoped so. Meanwhile Marlin sat down in the garden trying her hardest to relax a tad bit.
Reading was sure to calm the queen but this time it didn’t. Nothing but worry would cross her face when she took a peek of a witch story or even when she heard a cry from Felicity. Nothing could relax this queen and nothing ever will. It was Felicity’s 2nd birthday soon only 2 yrs left before “something” happens. But what will that something be?
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